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  • Soft surfboard rack on a 3 dr car?
  • Premier Icon nedrapier

    You’ll be able to do it, but it won’t be stable, because the straps will only be 18″ or so apart. You might be tempted to crank the straps down a bit more to compensate, and pop your roof panel down (it’ll pop back up again, probably without any damage)

    Not ideal, I’d get a proper roof rack, especially for heavier, things with more shap in teh wid, like a kayak.

    You’ll be able to fnid one to fit, and you might not have to spend much more if any more than a soft rack.

    Edit: just clicked the link. fiar enough. Still can’t see the advantage over a roof rack, though. Mine was the same price as that soft one.

    Yep. If the rear windows open then the strap just goes through the windows as it would through the doors on a 4 door car.

    If it doesn’t then you can put it through the hatchback either side of the hinges. This is what I did with my old 106.

    If the door is wide enough you may even be able to put both straps through the same door – fore and aft.

    Far better to get a proper set of bars though – the wind buzz will drive you loopy after a while.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    I’ve got one of these:

    Fits to front door and boot hinges IIRC.

    I bought it as it was cheaper than paying for delivery of a load of flat-packed furniture. Fitted, then discovered the boxes all fitted in the car so I’ve never used it. Got proper roof bars now so I’m never going to need it.

    Will sell it if you’d like it…

    Premier Icon JCornford

    I was just wondering if anyone had been able to fit a soft strap on rack to the roof of a 3 door car that doesn’t have opening rear windows? I’m looking to put a kayak or kite surf kit on it.

    Proper roof bars won’t scratch the hell out of your car roof either…

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    Plus, if/when it rains, water will soak down the straps, into the car and drip in your lap.

    As we found out on a surf trip in Ireland, which, as you can imagine, gave us plenty of experience.

    Premier Icon JCornford

    Thanks for those points guys, I hadn’t thought of the dripping and popping the roof!

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