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  • So, why do you ride?
  • Premier Icon mintimperial

    It’s fun!

    That’s it, really. All the rest is baggage, not why.

    Premier Icon jameso

    Pretty much the same reasons as kevj. Outdoor escapism, the feeling of flow or excitement on a good trail and the positive effect on mind and body. Shared with friends or reflected upon alone, all good to me. I’m sure mentally it’s addictive.

    The gist of a mint sauce strip once stuck in my mind – “all the guff and hubbub of daily life removed, there is a moment of silence and space. “

    ..usually happening at 20mph through the trees with a ‘face of concentration’ on..


    Just got back from a night ride, I feel fantastic. Because it’s awesome. + almost all of the above.

    Because I get to meet girls.

    Oh, hang on…


    because i love the feeling of freedom after a shitty day at work, nothing and no-one to bother me.
    The banter on a group ride
    The fitness
    The inner geek that makes me keep getting that little widget more….
    The fact I can get a quick one in before Mrs transapp is awake ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

    Premier Icon colournoise

    Because I can.

    Because it makes me smile even when it hurts.

    More serious navelgazing answer is very close to Graham’s hippy one. Less zen and more wei wu wei. I find the same thing in archery and painting/drawing.

    slainte ๐Ÿ˜ณ rob


    i just love to be out in the wilderness,watching the wildlife,views.i can just completely get away from everything.when riding my bike i do feel alive.the fact that it is also something i have done for nearly all my life (one way or another).although i am in one of my depression periods and not riding my bike at the moment ๐Ÿ™ (skyrim could also have something to do with it ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Premier Icon jameso

    PMJ have you been night riding in that carpark again?

    Premier Icon jameso

    I’m glad to read some replies mentioning ‘the way’ and active meditation. Couldn’t agree / relate more. It’s both an outlet and an input.


    For fitness, fun, scenery, sanity, peace and quiet on a long day ride,
    So many reasons really, I’ve seen some awesome scenery that I wouldn’t know existed otherwise if it wasn’t for my bike.

    Premier Icon dadster21

    Because my son wrote this poem when he was 11:

    “It was Sunday Morning
    My Dad woke me up
    We were going on a bike ride
    I got my bike out and my drink out
    It was a bright red sky
    It looked like the sun was bleeding
    Then my Dad and I set off
    We got to the woods and there was a big hill
    We were at the top
    Just before we went down we saw a bunny hop
    We went down very fast
    It was cool having the wind in my hair
    It was like flying
    We got to the bottom in seconds
    What a rush
    We cycled off into the sunlight
    Me and my Dad,,,riding,,,riding…..”

    Don’t think I could have put it any better – priceless!

    Premier Icon jameso

    ^ that is great )

    Premier Icon ratadog

    Can’t play golf…

    Can play golf, but since mobile phones invented it’s not such a good way of being “unavailable” for work. Being 20 miles from anywhere on the other hand…….
    Do it for the exercise, probably fitter now than I have ever been,
    Like seeing my name creep up the MTBO league list,
    Like big days out and get a whole load further on a bike than on foot, like the early mornings on the Moors when the only things I meet are deer and foxes
    Like the general feeling of wellbeing – ain’t endorphins great

    Premier Icon catfishsalesco

    For clarity of mind.


    Mostly fun, but fresh air, countryside, adventure, comraderie, shiny stuff, that feeling when you nail something new, that feeling when it falls into place, that return of the jedi speeder feeling ^^^. The sound of your tyres over leaves/frost/snow, seeing foxes/badgers/hedgehogs/dear on night rides. The hearty guilt free meals and never having to use cardio equipment in the gym. Getting away from it all, oh and cheese straws! ๐Ÿ™‚


    Ever since i could ride a bike i have just ridden, i love it.
    I love finding new trails,i love that feeling you get when you reach the bottom of a real techy steep descent thats threatened to buck you off the whole way down, i love getting my bike abosolutely filthy dirty and then cleaning it all down and the satisfaction of getting it to click and whir smoothly again, i love researching what my next purchase will be, whether its a complete new bike or a new pair of grips, i love going into a puddle wondering how deep it will be, i love sitting on top of a peak looking out over the peaks and the lakes imagining how it all came to be so beautifull with mud on my face and haribo sweeties in my mouth. I love all of it.


    ..because on my last ride I blasted down singletrack covered in leaves that came halfway up the height of my wheels, laughing like an idiot. Then went back up and did it again. Iยดm 39.


    Clears my head from my stressful job, gets me out with my mates and family. Just love it really.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Brought a tear to my eye dadster21!

    Personally I ride for lots of the above reasons, but I doubt anyone cares which specifically.


    Started up again purely for exercise. Realised it was pretty fun. There was a jump park about a 15 minute ride away from where I was living at uni so it was like being back riding bmx again, only on something that made it easier ๐Ÿ™‚

    So mostly because it’s fun, and riding on the road is good exercise (and I even enjoy road biking).


    I ride my bike to:

    Give me time to clear my head and think about stuff
    Get into the middle of nowhere
    To experience the numerous sights and sounds
    Keep myself fit
    Get around
    Get to work


    Missy aside, it is the glue that holds my life together.


    I’m still waiting for people to say..


    Enjoyment, exploring new places, taking photographs, making videos and the scenery.


    I ride to race, all my riding is training with a view to racing xc & cx all year, oh and to eat lots an lots without putting fat mass on ๐Ÿ˜†

    Premier Icon stevenmenmuir

    I’d show a picture that encapsulates it for me, but it no work.

    Premier Icon stevenmenmuir

    [/url] Ben Alder by menmuir10, on Flickr[/img]

    At last.

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