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  • cranberry

    I’ve found Clarke stuff good and fairly priced – get the shelving that’ll take 250kg per shelf.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    DIY? I wanted everything in boxes with lids to keep dust etc out:

    Storage Rack 16x 35l boxes by brf, on Flickr


    I have Ikea Gorm all down one wall.

    IKEA IVAR here – weight limit 45kg per shelf.

    Premier Icon Stoner

    big dug stuff is inexpensive, although Id recommend adding a few extra bolts between units and maybe screwed to the wall for extra stiffness.

    Aiming to replace the existing shelving with something deeper.
    I don’t collect paint – it’s just hard to throw it away…

    Trying to clear enough space in the garage to get a car inside. Are Clarke shelves the best option or are there any alternatives?

    Premier Icon molgrips

    I used to have the Ikea garage stuff, but I realised if I put one high shelf along the length of the garage I could get almost all the same stuff on it as I had on the four or so units of Ikea, but all at head height leaving me way more floor space.

    The shelf had to be pretty well engineered DIY though, I’ll post a pic tomorrow if you like.

    Member Just go there. They have all you need.

    Definitely recommend using Bito

    At our bakery we’ve tried various brands of racking and they have been the sturdiest for the money. When I finally get a garage/workshop this is what I’ll be getting.

    bigdug do some decent stuff but avoid the really cheap stuff.

    Premier Icon porter_jamie

    decent shelving costs silly amounts of money. i made some out of 20mm box section steel and 8’x2′ floor boards (18mm) and they are great – i stored motorbike engines and all sorts on them and they are rock solid.

    Premier Icon househusband

    I bought some Clarke shelving; next-door neighbour bought some BigDug shelving at the same time… I put mine up and he took one look at his and then bought some Clarke shelving too.


    I bought a load of those bigdug shelf kits for my garage.
    They do the job but I found all the MDF shelves they give you have warped and, more annoyingly, developed a thick growth of mould which covers everything on the shelf below.

    My garage isn’t particularly damp & I’ve got plenty of other MDF stuff out there which has never gone mouldy.

    I’ve had to empty them all to remove & paint all the shelves. Which was a job I could have lived without.


    Dexion speedlock racking is superb. Went through a couple of other cheaper ones before i bought a load for peanuts on ebay (took a while to find i’ll admit!)

    I have the 500mm deep sections, they do hold a decent weight. I have truthfully around 200kg on each shelf without being unstable or overly flexy, they don’t need bolting to the wall either.


    Costco has some nice stuff, which is pretty reasonably priced.


    When I finally get my workshop I’m considering using ‘French cleat’ shelving.

    Look it up…essentially it gives you a flexible shelving solution.

    I plan on using it on every wall and then building custom shelving units to hang on it as I see fit.


    +1 for Clarke shelving from MachineMart.

    Anything that is 100% hammer assembly is clearly awesome.

    Premier Icon DezB

    French cleat:


    4:30 – bike hanging solution? 🙂

    Got the 450Kg per shelf clarke shelving from machine mart. I don’t have anything that heavy but that size had the largest shelving area.
    It looks really good and I’m tempted to get another one.


    Buy brackets

    Buy shelf planks



    I say “BIG”, you say “DOUG”… “BIG!”…

    Cheap, strong, orange and “Park Blue”. Winner winner chicken dinner.

    I like the way the guy in the French cleat video turns the words “45 degree bevel” into one word with just one slightly lumpy syllable… Like what Elvis used to do with “Thank you very much”.

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    Some interesting stuff on here.
    I like footflaps custom built ones (because I like timber), but I think I might like to shortcut the process for a change 🙂

    Premier Icon Merlinman

    Bike Room by Robin Fisk, on Flickr

    Big Dug – just right for my needs!

    £100 ish – delivered next day

    Just half of my bikes pictured 🙂

    Not shown – Maverick ML-7, Kona Explosif, Velos Fougere road bike, Specialized Tricross SS and Genesis Vapour. All ridden !


    Liking that French cleat system, the guy seems interesting enough to warrant catching some more of his videos.

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    More french cleat – including colour-coordinated tools 🙂

    More photos here:

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    Dragging this back up.
    The clarke ones and a few of the bigdug ones at 300mm deep might be a good fit for my shed, but I’m struggling to find usefully-sized storage boxes for them (most are much deeper).

    Any ideas?


    molgrips, please can we have a pic of your single shelf – I’m intrigued as to how you’ve done it?


    if you have a Costco near you pop in and have a look – vartious options


    The best place in the UK I ever found for plastic boxes was:

    Nice to do business with and they get some great boxes that are a good bit more industrial than anything you’ll find in your local DIY store. I’ve hauled stuff all over the world in boxes from Solent and no, I have no connection with the business other than a happy punter!
    If they don’t have what you need, you are being too niche for your plastic box desires.

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    If they don’t have what you need, you are being too niche

    It’s amazing how often that happens isn’t it 😉

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