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  • So… 'Honey pot locations' – who regularly travels to ride?
  • ask1974

    Following re emergence of the thread discussing over crowding at Peaslake, who regularly travels to ride? Or conversely who rides from their door to the trails?

    I feel extremely lucky that I can be lost in the hills within ten minutes from my front door, but now and then I do jump in the car to enjoy Swinley, Peaslake etc just for a change of scene. But mostly it’s local.

    Curious just how many riders pack their car every weekend for a pilgrimage to the UKs finest.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    If I’m taking the dog, I drive the 3 miles to the woods rather than make him run on Tarmac…


    Jam bo I think we’ll forgive you that ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Premier Icon Bregante

    Road bike from the door. I have some great lanes around Cheshire within a ten minute ride. Sadly it’s as flat as a pancake.

    Car to the trails. But this year I’ve self imposed a 1 hr travelling time limit (apart from a 3 day trip to scotchland)

    Premier Icon nuke

    Ride from my door pretty much always as I doubt I’d be laughing when I realise 2 out of 4 of my car’s tyres are flat…cost of Audi tyres is horrendous now and I doubt I could afford it on my IT sector salary

    I ride straight out from home 95% of the time – lucky to have good riding round here though you do have to put the miles in to link up the most techy steep stuff. Some great singletrack almost on my doorstep, as long as you’re not afraid of mud and wet roots for half the year! It’s nice to ride new trails but conversely I like getting better / faster on familiar ones, which don’t require I waste time and fuel getting to them…


    i drive to box hill and ride a lovely 26 mile loop taking in Ranmore, Leith, Holmbury and Coldharbour.

    Premier Icon althepal

    No much on my doorstep so
    I’m usually looking at a half hour drive or cycle before I’m off-road but to be honest I dont get too hung up on it.
    Would love if we could all leave our houses snd be straight onto singletrack but the worlds not like that, guess I’m happy that we all just love bikes !


    I’m on trails within 5 minutes, get in!!!!

    Premier Icon bigdean

    I can ride to sherwoodpines red route in about 10 mins, couldn’t tell you last time i did a lap though.
    If riding local use the ridgid single speed but this mostly weekday evenings. If i’m going to cover the full suss in grinding paste i preffer some gradient, so once a week drive to dark peak area. Rock beats mud


    Hardly ever get in the car – not sure I’d ride mtb if I had to. 10 mins and I’m off road


    Hardly ever get in the car – not sure I’d ride mtb if I had to. 10 mins and I’m off road


    I can ride from mine to stannage with less than a mile on tarmac

    As I work just round the corner from ladybower I generally ride on my way home.


    Live 100m from the moors, gonna drive to the lakes someday soon though

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    Pretty much always drive. there’s really very little from my door but I can be in the white peak in 30 mins and the dark peak in an hour.

    the riding is that much better that I have no issue with two hours of driving for it. what little there is locally isn’t ridable in the winter either.

    Premier Icon beej

    95% from the door, mix of road and MTB. The 5% consists of 4% road (to the Cotswolds and the odd sportive) and 1% MTB, mainly races.

    I probably should explore more on the MTB but it’s such a faff compared to just getting on the bike and riding – plus all that driving is wasting valuable riding time.


    I’m fortunate enough to live in north Wales just outside Llangollen. The lane I live on climbs up to 500m and there is some 4minute plus bridalway descents around here. Don’t really like driving to ride my bike. Betws y coed is 22miles away so if I fancy I change I’d drive over that way or up to the coast. It’s good riding around Llangollen hardly ever see any other riders and the amount of cars I see driving through with bikes on amazes me they pass some awesome trails!

    Premier Icon Stoner

    I too can ride, off-road, literally from the front door so almost never drive anywhere to ride save for once or twice a year into wales for a big weekend away.


    I live at the foot of the malvern hills. Quite a honeypot.

    Weekends are strictly a “no, no” – if the suns out there’s just too many* day trippers, even on quieter trails, both walkers and riders.

    So I predominantly ride either during the week or after 6pm. Fortunately I have a “job” that lets me ride when I want.

    * = more than 2 ๐Ÿ˜‰

    There’s always going to be increasing pressure on lesiure space, especially attractive or accessible spaces. And where there’s conflict of uses it’s felt more accurately. Mrs S is a volunteer on the Malvern Hills Conservators Leisure group representing the local running club. There are MTB reps, hang-gliders/para-gliders, model glider flyers, horse riders and others. It’s a bit of a talking shop, but the intention is that the Hills are there for everyone, and conflict needs to be avoided and managed out as far as possible. Banning, whilst the go-to knee jerk policy of the blue-rinsers round here it isnt one the Conservators entertain because it’s arguably against their statutory obligations.


    Almost straight from the door, a trail centre maybe once or twice a year, or natural trails via a car journey the same. Very lucky where I live I guess…


    Road: 100% out of the front door – I’ve got the Cheshire Plain one way and the Peak District the other.

    MTB: about 50:50 – there’s plenty of good riding from the door and I use it. There’s loads more variety within 30mins driving so I use that too.

    It’s not often these days that I’ll drive much more than half an hour unless we’re going away anyway. For example, in a few weeks, we’re having a family weekend in the Lakes – I’ll have a bike with me and will pinch a ride Friday and Sunday.

    Premier Icon psling

    Another lucky one here, straight into the woods from the door; infact the road is 1/4 mile further away from the house than singletrack ๐Ÿ™‚

    Having said that, I do love to visit and ride in other areas every month or so – The Black Mountains, Brecon Beacons, mid Wales, Quantocks, Long Mynd, Exmoor, Dorset have all been visited this year so far. For me it’s about getting out there and enjoying the countryside 8)

    Premier Icon smogmonster

    Road: 99% out of the front door..i have the Yorkshire Dales on my doorstep, the Moors a few miles the other way, and the Pennines a few miles oop North. VERY occasionally i’ll drive to the Lakes.

    MTB: 100% car journey. The nearest decent mtb trails are up at Reeth, which is about 15 miles from my house..too far to contemplate dragging the mtb up there to then hit the trails before riding home again. So i usually drive up there, or far more often i drive across to the Moors, which is far more fun on the mtb, IMHO.

    Premier Icon fathomer

    As above, 100% of MTB is driven to, I live in Leicester, so either a Saturday or Sunday trip to the Dark Peak or Cannock usually. I need to find some local riding buddies.

    100% of road riding is from the door, it’s not particulaly hilly but it is nice round here.

    The doorstep trails are limited to a couple of hours riding. But the main Mendip trail network is just a 20 min drive; the Qs and bristol about an hour; exmoor, fod, cwncarn and Haldon 90 mins; Brecon and Dartmoor are two hours. Lucky.


    We have a nice off road/quiet lane route out to the Forest of Dean. We hardly ever drive out now, and it means we can drink beer on the way home ๐Ÿ™‚

    Premier Icon wool

    A mile on Tarmac here and then the whole North Lakes on the door step so I never drive, Ullswater shore is very easy to get to.

    Premier Icon tomaso

    From Lancaster most place in the Lakes in under an hour (except maybe some of the more remote Western bits) is handy enough for me. I can ride local but its just not as good and when you ride the best etc.

    Riding from the door is attractive but balancing that with living in a city with access to all it has to offer is tricky.

    I’d consider moving north to Kendal as it is just that bit closer to the trails but the family are settled and it just seems selfish to upheave them all! But Lancaster is fine for now.

    Premier Icon Alex

    Cross bike or road bike. Ride from home. MTB, 20 mins to Malverns or FoD.I should really ride down to Ross when we ride out from there but it’s another 10k on a 60-70k all day ride and I’m not sure I’d get back up the hill;) Next spring maybe.

    Riding is so good here, don’t generally go away anywhere near as much as I used to. Maybe 4 times a year.

    Premier Icon stevied

    Very rarely travel to ride. I live at the foot of the Malverns so, within 15mins, I’m off the road and into a big climb up.
    Does get busy at weekends but for night riding it’s perfect. No evening walkers so only really get the odd like minded biker or 2 out (unless you go on a Thursday when there’s a group of about 20 from Colwall).
    When the weekends get busy we do head off to the FoD or Wales tho but that’s only an hour away too ๐Ÿ™‚

    b r

    Mostly drive as the hills next to my house are mud-fests, and Glentress is only 25 minutes away.

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    Road rides are always straight from the door. Peak District one way, Cheshire Flats the other.

    MTB I can go offroad more or less from my house so it’s rare that I drive to a ride these days.

    That said if I go away for a weekend, I’ll usually take at least one bike with me; sometimes I plan some time for a ride, other times it’s just there if the opportunity arises.

    Premier Icon D0NK

    locally I generally ride from the door, 15mins up the road to get to the trails or I can go into a park right near my house and pootle around footpaths and stuff to get to ‘proper’ trails in an hour or so. normally do that in winter as the paths are quiet, well surfaced and give decent cover from manky weather.

    Like to ride in lakes/peaks/wales aswell, obviously a drive away, not many ‘away games’ this year tho.

    haven’t managed to bring myself to drive to a road ride yet.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Even when I lived in the Lakes I would drive to rides most of the time. Combination of not doing the same loop over and over again and wanting to do something different. That and meeting up with other (we don’t live in a massive mtb commune)

    I enjoy the variety having a car offers.


    (apart from a 3 day trip to scotchland)

    Berlimey – how far from Scotland are you?


    I have to drive for at least an hour in any direction, which is a pain. I take solace in the fact that once I get there its wayyyyy better than the Surrey Hills.

    Premier Icon deadkenny

    Out the door it’s the tow path, though can go a long way there, not very off road though. Rideable is Tunnel Hill though not keen on the roads to get there.

    Otherwise it’s a short 20min drive to Surrey Hills or bit further to Swinley, Caesars Camp, or hour-ish to Aston Hill, Rogate, QECP, and 3+ to South Wales.

    I could ride to Surrey Hills but it’s a fair slog for me. Newlands Corner a little quicker.

    Premier Icon ampthill

    Road from home

    MTB some times from home.

    Drive to Woburn. I can and have ridden to woburn but its its not dog compatible and not quite such a good ride

    Is Woburn a honey pot. Its certainly popular. I went for a dog walk on saturday morning. I saw 5 bikes in motion and a few more in the car parks. that was a group of 4 and a solo rider. So thats 2 groups in 75 minutes. All was cheery hellos on both sides, as it all ways is. Not exactly packed really


    I’m in Lancaster too and I usually drive up to the Lakes. Stavely is only just over half an hour really. Farleton Knott is about 15 mins in a car. I plan to move somewhere I can ride from the door though.


    can ride road+off road from the door step, however I do put the bike in the car and drive sometimes..

    I’d say 85% of my rides are from the doorstep…


    I live in the purbeck’s – Dorset. So pretty much ride straight from my front door most of the time.

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