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  • So, crash of the weekend?
  • don simon

    Too awesome for that kind of rubbish.

    You are SurfMat AICMFP

    don simon

    SurfMat was just a pretender. 😛

    OTB on the Pootle and snapped a bar end, shortly after falling off hte back of the bike at a rest stop! No pride left to damage!


    I stubbed my toe wandering round the house with no slippers on.

    Premier Icon Pook

    Also on the pootle for one of the riders….

    coming down Jaggers Clough he washed out and then somersaulted about 5 times down the hill. Got up laughing.


    Knocked half a slice of fruitcake off the terrace wall outside Glyncorrwg cafe on Friday. Not happy.


    I’ve eaten too much and feel a bit sick.


    I think the winners of this thread will be the ones who crashed while trying to grab ducks out of a pond with a fishing net at the weekender….

    Pook – Member

    Also on the pootle for one of the riders….

    coming down Jaggers Clough he washed out and then somersaulted about 5 times down the hill. Got up laughing.

    That was spectacular, I was some way behind him and watched it, he’d have received 10.0 10.0 10.0 in the Olympics men’s vault for that one.

    My effort – Snapping a chain on Pins & Needles at CYB (On Y Tarw). Lost all balance and got spat out the side, tumbling down over rocks. 😳

    No major damage but bruises and bruised pride!

    So, anyone else stack this weekend?

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    I second the chappy (Ben) attempt to fly down the ravine on Jaggers Clough, it was really funny when we all (37) of us realised he was o.k.


    Here’s mine….lol…..sore and swollen knee and grazed shoulder, oh and some broken rocks 😳

    P.S thought I’d check the pressure in my forks and only found 50psi in them.

    The bloke I witnessed riding into a ditch whilst texting.
    All in super slow motion 🙂
    To give him his due, he was unhurt and managed to keep his cool admirably!

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Tried to ride diagonally down the slippery whaleback-rock-thing at comrie croft, instead of straight down it. Did not end well.


    Fell over/off a 10ft vertical bank onto brush and cut tree branches 😆
    Came round a corner quite fast on the lower bit of the Haldon red run and saw someone stopped on the trail. Slammed on the anchors and ran the bike off to the right. Bike stopped, and then I slowly fell off and over. pProbably looked quite comical, and as it was all in slow motion and luckily onto a soft(ish) landing, I was laughing as I fell!


    Spot the mistake, after i’d straightened them up i realised i’d buckled the wheel too…
    Think i’ve bruised a rib or two and the top of my femur maybe, the whole right side of my pelvic area is numb 🙄


    I fell in a duckpond…. Pretty sure some photos will emerge before too long 😆


    Our dog was playing silly buggers in our back garden, ran under my feet and I ended up standing on a house brick to get out of the way, The brick flicked upwards in a physics-defying move and cracked me on the shin which still hurts a lot. Meanwhile I tripped over the brick and the dog, fell face first onto the patio, hit a chair on the way down with my elbow. (That still hurts too). Lying on the floor wondering which limb hurt the most I figured it couldn’t get any worse….which was when I noticed the sharp, acrid smell of dog shit.

    lipseal – what’s the track over your washout vid? Cheers


    It’s wise guys ooh laa laa

    Haven’t heard that for years – great memories

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