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  • Snowdon tomorrow – with the GF – avoid?
  • Never ridden it but walked it last Thursday and even on a weekday there were a fair few walkers unless you get there early. I genuinely don’t think it would be fun to ride. It’s pretty steep to even ride to start of Llanberis trail from car park and there’s a lot of stepped rocky sections which I think would be a chore. I would say there is probably much better riding to be had in the area unless you really want to say you’ve bagged Snowdon.


    Llanberis path actually seems quite hard to ride down, there are lots of steppy bits and the start of the descent would be really steep and as far as I can remember quite loose. The ranger isn’t that bad, some bits I couldn’t ride but the start and towards the end are awesome. Even my mates who haven’t been riding long really enjoyed it.

    I wouldn’t recommend it on the weekend anytime of year as this is when it’s busiest. I’ve done it once on a hardtail no probs. It is very loose and steep towards the top and if things go wrong there you’d do yourself a lot of damage. If your gf is a confident rider shed be fine…..if not give it a miss I’d say and give the Marin a blast just down the road.

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    The GF and I are passing by tomrrow on the way across Wales and I’ve always wanted to do Snowdon.

    Conditions seem perfect for it – and we’re in October so no bike ban 😀

    I’m thinking of doing Llanberis up and down – how messy with walkers will it be? I’ve heard the Ranger path is harder so wanted to avoid…

    aut I’m concerned I’m getting me (navigator & leader) getting the GF out of her depth – skill level wise – as I haven’t ridden or walked it before! She rattleed off Whinlatter red routes yesterday with a few dabs and no offs and I guess we can always push down stuff she’s not comfortable with. But how hard is it?

    Any advice great – and if you see me on the green Piepdream and her on a red Konda – give us a wave!


    The Llanberis path up and down is wonderful, especially if you have good weather. Remember that it is a BIG hill though, so expect nasty weather as the norm and pack accordingly.

    There are big rocky bits to carry up and then down later on, especially towards the top of the hill past the Finger Stone at the top of the zig zags coming up from Pen y Pass. Some of these will be rideable on the way back down, others not.

    It is an absolute blast though, enjoy.

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