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  • Premier Icon Digby

    Initiate shoulders before legs.

    Mmmmm … without wishing to get controversial, this is where bad habits sometimes start – it certainly did for me 😳 Whilst I concede that CASI do teach upper body rotation to beginers in order to get them started, intermediate turns avoid this as it introduces counter-rotation.

    Although I do think that a degree of 'opening up' & 'closing' of the shoulder for turns can help – it certainly helped me with my switch riding.

    Foot steering is definitely key though – especially for progression to riding in powder and steeper terrain.

    I can definitely recommend Neil McNab's book 'Go Snowboard' which comes with a well made DVD – available from Amazon etc featuring the lovely Jenny Jones!

    Having a lesson with a good instructor will mean they can observe your riding and make suggestions to improve your technique accordingly. We are all different and often require little tweaks here and there to help us ride with flow and grace.

    Premier Icon whippersnapper

    I agree Digby, I have just found on those days when my I leave my boarding abilities at home if I continencely start using my shoulders first my turning eases up a bit.

    Premier Icon Digby

    Whippersnapper – yeah – I know what you mean! If I'm starting on my heal-side edge on really steep stuff, I have to 'dip' my leading shoulder in order to initiate the first turn.

    Premier Icon whippersnapper

    I didn't mean that. Damn spell checker 😳

    The word I am looking for I am so beyond spelling correctly that I can't find it, or it doesn't exist. I'll go for purposefully instead.


    As luck would have it, I have a mate that's snowbording instructor. I have a plan that involves me giving him money every month to shout at me when I do something wrong whilst sliding down a slope.

    What could possibly go wrong with a plan like that?

Viewing 6 posts - 46 through 51 (of 51 total)

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