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  • Small frame – Seat post- reverb quandary
  • evh22

    Thought i’d update you on my progress and to help other small people with silly frames. Bought a 300mm KS supernatural as recommended by you guys. Fitted it last night. Really pleased with how it fits and looks. Just need to go out and ride it like i stole it! Thanks for the helpful tips. 😀



    I’m in same boat with OP.
    Yesterday I bought Lush SL 16.5″ for my wife.
    She’s currently riding Skye S 16″.

    Due to same problem that seatpost is not going into the seattube yet enough for her even fo to be able seat on the bike.
    I think we’ll cut the post for about 100mm too.
    She’s 165cm tall by the way.

    I plan to buy RS Reverb 355mm lenght – 100mm drop – 31.6mm diameter
    Do you think is this good fit for what we need?



    Quick update for reference for people with interupted down tubes/ small people.

    So after all the faff I bought a KS dropzone from Hibike. (they sent me a supernatural (same post, just no layback) and i stupidly didn’t send it back). After two failures on the post, 5 months back with the manufacturers and a total of 3 rides where it worked I have claimed the money back through my credit card. Hibike are a waste of time. I then bought another one out of desperation, failed after 2 rides, went back, refunded (thanks bike24 for a good service).

    So then, it came to me. I bought a reverb 30.9 and shimmed it to 31.6. Yes perhaps this is dangerous and I’ll die but so far it has been great and I’m really please with it.

    So conclusions:
    KS dropzones and supernaturals are shite. Don’t buy them. Their quality control is appalling.
    Hibike and it’s relationship with KS is dubious, don’t go there.
    Reverbs are fab, i’m sure someone will come along and say what i’ve done is wrong, I guess the thompson 27.2 could be shimmed too.
    I’d seriously consider avoid frames that aren’t reverb compatible in the future.


    evh22, I have the same bike as you (Trek Lush 2013 14.5″) and hence the same problem. Although, when my seat is set for riding uphill, there is around 5″ in the frame, as opposed to your 2″.

    I have ordered a 30.9 reverb and 31.6 shim and will hopefully get them fitted tomorrow, as long as I’ve ordered something that fits / works.

    Thank you for posting your update. It’s not often that you find that, in forums. Usually, once the quandary is resolved the OP will forget that they had promised to give an update 😉

    I’ll try not to forget to let y’all know how I get on.


    So, the first shim that I ordered was the wrong size. I had misunderstood the OP. But, not to bother. I ordered the correct one:

    Code: EV204355
    Description: EV204355 316-NA WMFG SPOST SHIM 30.9MM 316
    QTY Total: 1
    Cost £10.79
    TOTAL £10.79

    From Evans Cycles.

    But then, when I went to pick up my bike, I was told that they ‘hadn’t needed’ the shim, and they promptly refunded my £10.79. I must admit, I was a bit worried, having read the above, about how a shim is necessary for the Trek Lush. But, today I went out on a 19 mile bike ride around Widdop, Worsthorne, Hebden Bridge and the like, and it was absolutely fabulous. I wouldn’t be without one, now. I was operating the switch all the time, and the reverb allows the seat to go lower and higher than was ever possible using the bog standard seat.

    The only thing I found was that if I knocked the seat from one side, it would move. I was worried that this was due to there being no shim, but my pal tightened the seat post clamp, and the problem was resolved.

    If anyone has any thoughts re: my riding the bike without a shim in place, do let me know, but I must say that I’m very happy with the product and the service that I received. 🙂


    Glad to be of help! I am fast becoming a world expert on biking for small people. Great to see someone else is having fun on that bike.

    If your seat post is moving around then that suggests it isn’t in tight enough, which suggests you need a shim…. I’m no expert but this is what I’d do. There is a suggestion that using a shim invalidates your warranty. Not sure of the truth of that. You can get a nice UST shim for about £6. Feel free to get in contact if you need any more small person help.

    How have you routed your hose? I have had problems with the amount of slack you need rubbing on my rear tyre wearing it out.

    I’m thinking of solving all of these problems by buying a Pivot Mach 🙂


    Thanks for replying 🙂

    I’ve just spoken to the people at Evans, who say that, actually, the shim that I ordered didn’t work… it was too big, and so the guy fitted it without, test drove it, and thought it was OK. However, they agree that my seat shouldn’t be rotating left/right if knocked, and so have asked me to bring it in again at my convenience and they will find a shim to fit.

    I can send you a photo of how they have routed the hose, if you’d like?

    Thank you for your small person MTB help!


    Sorted the routing now thanks. Great to see Evans at their very best. The USE ones will fit.

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