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  • SkyGo on a TV?
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    This is probably a stupid question….

    Currently have sky+ hd box, with sky unlimited broadband.

    I have setup the ‘poor mans’ multiroom by connecting a coax to the RF out and have a magic eye in the upstairs TV.

    I know we have the facility to use Sky Go, I understand this is mainly for ipads etc so you can download and stream etc.

    But is it possible to ‘somehow’ connect a cat5 cable from the sky hub into a ‘box of tricks’ then HDMI that into the downstairs tv so I can in effect watch anything on the TV via sky go?

    I hope that makes sense…?

    (I’ll get my coat)

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    Why not connect a laptop or PC via VGA or HDMI to the TV and use Sky Go via website?

    Sky Go on the iPad is locked down to stop mirroring, i think they’ve even stopped it on jailbroken devices now.

    Premier Icon monkey_boy
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    yeah i thought that was the only way 🙁

    as you say sky have clamped it down

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