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  • Skoda Roomster
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    Any one use a skoda roomster as their bike wagon? If so, what do you think of it? What’s it like as a daily driver?

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    The Mrs has one, the rear seats clip out easy for more room, but it has a high lip at the bottom of the back door which makes loading awkward.
    On the plus side she’s had it three years now with no faults whatsoever.

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    two bikes go in easy, i strap them to either side and put the front wheels and other kit in between. could probably get 3 in but never done it.
    i lift them in back wheel first, fork and bars at the tailgate end.
    the car has been fualtless and quite enjoyable to drive despite the odd shape of it. mine is a 1.4 td, does about 50mpg on varied driving.

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    We looked at one as a second small car to back up the Octavia estate – living the Skoda dream……

    It was far and away the nicest car to drive of the cars we test drove – we tried a 1.6 petrol with the DSG box. Great position, comfy, and the ability to take the rear seats out so easily made it look a great bike carrying option. Plus you can’t see how ugly it looks from the inside.

    We didn’t get it because we really only wanted a small car to run round in, and the Roomster is only a foot or so shorter than the Octavia estate. It also seems to struggle on economy and VED compared to other cars in it’s “class”.

    If it was just me looking for a bike wagon, I’d have one.

    (And we bought a Fabia in the end…..)

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    I bought a 1.2 105bhp TSI last year after having put a lot of thought into what to get. Very happy with it, drives nicely and I get around 50mpg on long steady runs. The rear seats are very flexible, for a family holiday I take out two, leaving one for my son and put my bike in a bike bag on the other side leaving plenty of room for luggage and the quite bulky off road buggy. I think I could get 3 people with bikes and luggage in if I needed to but the 3rd bike might be tricky.

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