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  • Skill tuition, which providers do you rate?
  • Premier Icon scc999

    I recently went to UKBikeskills and have to say it was a very benficial and enjoyable day.

    Very relaxed atmosphere with a great coach.

    That’s my only experience of MTB coaching but I’d recomend Tony (Jedi) wholeheartedly.


    Premier Icon wwaswas

    Jim did a good job on me. I’m more confident now and at least when it does go wrong now I tend to a) know why and b) realise I didn’t do what I was told to.


    Campbell Coaching. Had a great 1 to 1 day before I went on my first Alps trip. Learnt loads, really chilled and friendly


    the search function must be fubar’d. wasnt too long ago that you couldnt ask a question at all on here without being pointed to a skills coach.

    think SingleTrackTowers (should) have a top ten type chart of coaches based on their ratings from here.

    Im off to see Jedi with some mates at the end of June – cant wait.


    Myself and my fiance are off to see Jedi next week @ukbikeskills so hoping he lives up to his mighty reputation, I’ll report back if he does!

    Premier Icon boxelder

    Cyclewise Whinlatter

    t-p 26

    DIRTSCHOOL A fine set of Tutors, who can put into words what you are meant to be doing, and how to do it, on a bicycle….

    Premier Icon buck53

    It’s the only coaching I’ve had, but Rich at Cyclewise Whinlatter was terrific when I went. Had two days and was further ok than I could have imagined at the end of it.

    I’ve been to UK Bike Skills and Pro Ride Guides, both were excellent.


    I had a day last year with Ed Oxley that I really enjoyed. It was pretty chilled out and felt more like a day riding with a few mates. Got a fair biot from it.

    Also off to see Jedi on Monay in an effort to regain some confidence after a crash before a visit to Antur. Will be interesting to see if he lives up to the good things said on here.

    Iv searched for this topic on the forum and struggled to find any info.
    Im based near cannock chase, iv probably got a a lot of bad habits and am looking for some quality tuition.
    I do venture out so if you can recommend some skills courses further a afield feel free? Cheers guys!

    Premier Icon paulhaycraft

    I’ve had a couple of sessions with Tom Dowie. Learnt loads; cornering, drop offs, jumps etc. He’s very articulate and super chilled.

    Premier Icon BigJohn

    Mountain Bike Adventuresare based on Cannock Chase. I’ve never used them for skills coaching but Harry has replaced a central heating boiler for me and he’s a far better rider than I will ever be so I’d be tempted to talk to them.

    Premier Icon iainc

    I’ve got a session booked in a few weeks with Rab Wardell at Dirtschool – cannae wait.


    Another vote for Jedi – Just got back from a coaching session with him today and he has really moved my riding on.

    I cannot recommend him highly enough.

    Premier Icon roverpig

    It might be better to ask if there are any coaches that people don’t rate, as everybody always seems so positive. It’s also worth remembering that there are more people in certain parts of the country than others. So, even if all coaches were equally good, you’d still get a lot more people recommending the ones in the more populated parts of the country.

    For my part I had a fun time at Glenmore Lodge (Shifting Gear, 2-day course), but that’s much more than just a bit of coaching. Even if the coaching had been crap (which it wasn’t) it would have been worth it for the facilities, environment and cake alone 🙂


    I did the Ed Oxley Alps course with Mindmap3 last year, and it was a great day in a great location.

    I’ve also had a day with Jedi, and he taught me a hell of a lot and was 1to1.

    I would happily go to either again.


    It is interesting to look at the photos on various coaches websites. A lot of variation particularly in basic body positions.


    I went with the Jedi a few years ago, it was ACE!

    Since then i’ve been back about 3 times to make sure i wasn’t mistaken the first time……. 😉

    I can highly recommend JP at A-Line Coaching in Sheffield; an exceedingly good teacher, especially if you want to learn how to jump, and a super nice guy too.

    Cheers guys for all the input, i reckon that 33% of the feedback is that jedi is a favourite or caters for 33% of singletrack forum members? Either way it seems i will be making a journey soon,


    I did a few courses with Cyclewise at Whinlatter a few years ago – very good service.

    Local to you is , Adam there is great! Had a day 1 to 1 with him and he is a very skilled rider!! Not only that he knows your local area like the back of his hand so great for some trail guidance1


    I’ve done courses with MB7, a couple with Dirtschool and a day with UK Bike Skills. Without doubt, Jedi was the best of the lot. He’s got a very holistic approach rather than ‘here’s how you do berms’, ‘here’s how you jump’. It’s definitely the one that has benefited me the most and because he deals with the fundamentals of riding rather than specifics it has stuck with me more than the others. Also, unlike most others he has come from a training background and got into skills coaching rather than just being a good rider that reckons he’d like to make a living from it. Thoroughly recommended.


    Jedi all the way! I have been meaning to write up a little testimonial about it. I went on the jumps and drops course with my brother. Asolutely brilliant. He gets you to progress at your own pace without pushing you and just really makes you think about your riding. Although mainly jumps and drops we also did a little section on cornering which I feel I actually got more out of than the rest. Amazing stuff. I came into it being able to to do some drops and small jumps anyway but had some issues ,a lot confidence based that I wanted to address.

    Just to give realistic expectations to everyone I haven’t suddenly turned into a badass jumper but I feel much more confident on stuff, smaller drops and jumps that I would do before felt easier and aren’t even thought about any more and I feel like my limits on what I will try and do have upped a notch. Like Tony (Jedi) said, the course is just the beginning and you have to take away what you have learnt and work on it.

    It was a really refreshing day with no BS on what bike you have, pedals etc.. etc.. it was a simplyfication of just taking what you do and making it better.

    Also has to be said that Tony was a top bloke who rides an awesome bike (Transition which we all know are the best :D) with some awesome insights. We came from Exeter on a rainy day so a good 4 hour drive and it was completely worth it, when time permits I will be making the trip again.



    I got a lot out of a session with Rod at Let’s MTB


    Pro Ride Guides are the best I’ve used. The only course I’ve actually come away from as a better rider and that was only one skills tuition day as a group (not 1:1). They had most of us mastering bunny hops in an hour and certain fundamental new skills became instantly part and parcel of my riding with instant positives. There was other stuff, but as is always the case with group skills courses, you only take in so much. Theirs is the only tuition I’d pay for again. However, If I was offered free tuition I’d happily listen to anyone and take on board what I thought progressed me.

    Premier Icon deadkenny

    johnnyboy666 has summed up my experience with Jedi perfectly. Likewise I’m not transformed into some jump god, but it’s bumped my confidence, and for me again I probably took more away from the cornering than anything else, but the basics we went through actually apply to just about everything. I may have to return to boost the jumps & drops element, though I’m not looking really to be great at that, just enough to be able to cope with some trails that are a little off limits to me, at least in places. All of which are mental hang ups I have.

    I will add though… Tony’s got great taste in coffee 8)

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