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    Did a ride locally with me marin bolius set at 32/15 twas quite a challenge out our villiage as we live in a black hole in deepest darkest mid wales and each road out involves a 200ft/300ft climb rangeing from 3/4 mile to 2 miles depending on route and decided to go with 32/18 for a start .
    Thanks for the response guys ,will post some video’s up when complete and trials ,single brake combo .

    32-16 maybe 17 on 26″

    32-18 on 29er

    Fine on most hills near me, NY Moors and Dales odd really steep one that needs a push.


    34-18 on a 29er.
    Used to run 34-16 on a 26er back in the day.

    That’s in the Chilterns.


    34:14 on a 26er.


    I know someone who rides 42:18T and he smokes and is still faster than me. Somethings in life are just not fair.

    MTB: was 32/17, but I’ve now been wonkified with a goldtec oval chainring, so 34/17. Might try 34/16 for black park this weekend, at there’s rumours that it’s flat as a pancake!

    Road bike: was 42/16 but now it’s a 3 speed with 42/17 middle. Went out on my first ever group ride yesterday, and didn’t get to use gear 1.. 🙁


    Hey Bikewhisperer,would that 3 speed be an SA x-RD3 hub,or somesuch ? if so what are your thoughts ? is it draggy etc ?


    It’s a 1986 AW. I rebuilt it recently with new cones and used fox float fluid (all I had! car gear oil would do too) to lube the gears, but marine grease on the bearings. It flies! It was barely worn in though before, so I reckon I’ve still got another few hundred miles to wear it in properly.
    You have to get used to the big jumps in the gears though.. Just like singlespeeding, it’s never quite right, but never quite wrong.


    32:13 – I don’t spin, I mash, and it’s pretty flat round here.


    30-12 (24″) rear brake only.


    34 – 19 for local wood as quite muddy, lots of tight single track. New forest area 36 – 17 or 16 as quite flat.

    gear ratio will depend a lot on fitness, ware you ride and for how long. Start with what you got and change as needed. I find i prefer lower ration during winter compared to summer.

    Front and back brake for me.


    cheers BW, more research I think…….(got a silly idea up my sleeve)


    24/12 today, 24/14 tomorrow.
    And legs.
    That is all.


    2:1 except for Mayhem when I might drop to 34:18.

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    32:17 prefect for mud and roots forest – no roads.


    35-19 on my 29er
    34-20 on my half fat jones

    36:16 on a normal wheeled and cranked inbred……

    But it hurts! Have some big hills on new commute so might change to 36:18 after seeing what everyone else is using!


    on a 26er

    36/19 for cannock, llandegla etc.

    36/15 or 36/14 if i’m riding on the roads on my off road tyres. (bit spinny on the flat, but handles all the road hills locally)

    Did cannock the other week accidently on a 36/15 and it was very hard up the switchbacks!


    44:16 on the road. Just about low enough for riding in Lancashire and the Dales

    Premier Icon footflaps

    32:16 – too low for Thetford, but pretty tough in the Lakes / Dales…

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