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  • Singlespeed and removing the rear wheel?
  • feisty

    I have one of those as my second bike and beofre that has a 26er scandal.

    You get used to it, the drive side should have a chain tug on it anyway which will set the drive side, I just force the wheel back against the tug on the drive side then center the wheel peering down looking at the fine gap between the rotor and the caliper (with bike upside down) and then nip up qr/bolts when centered. Another thing is if you get it right from the start the toothed faces of the qr/bolts leave an imprint so I can just use those to get it spot on without looking at anything else

    Takes seconds

    One of the nice things about a single speed is the simplicity of the drive train looks and functionality so putting a tensioner on is a horrid thing to do when you have the option of horizontal dropouts

    I was imagining it would be a hassle taking the wheel out with a tug in horizontal dropouts

    Premier Icon breadcrumb

    When I use to have my DMR Trail star as a SS I use to remove the skewer and pop the chain tug off to move the wheel forward to loosen the chain.

    On my Kula I ran a Blackspire Stinger as a tensioner, made rear wheel removal and refitting dead easy (vertical drop outs).

    Following the growth of a beard, I am in process of building a rigid singlespeed 29er.

    The frame I have is a v2 Scandal currently with vertical dropouts.

    I frequently need to put the bike in my boot of my small car with both wheels off.Given this am I best off using a tensioner with vertical dropouts, or is there an alternative with horizontal dropouts which leaves it easy to take the rear wheel out.

    What does the collective think.

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    Or, if is a Shimano threaded axle type wheel, swap the axle to a solid nutted one for a few £’s & it will let you get the wheel tight enough to do away with a tug altogether. You need to carry a corresponding spanner obviously.


    I use a frame with eccentric bb and vertical dropouts which makes it so much easier. Before that I used a tensioner which was a right faff. I reckon if I got a non ebb frame I’d do the stinger tensioner instead of a mech hanger mounted one.


    I just use an old style shimano qr where the lever come out the side of the steel cap thingy.

    The again I am using a ramped centre chainring….

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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