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  • loddrik

    Because it’s as light a 5″+ travel bike as you’ll find.

    Premier Icon valleydaddy

    Great do it all HT bike

    also have this

    A great fun bike does everything asked of it and scares me sometimes as wants to do more 😉


    i love my anthem x2 😀 tis the best bike i have ever owned. here’s me getting some rad air 😉


    Cos its fun. We can ride together without fighting, we can tour, we can ride offroad, its just fun

    42 Windmills bicycle and us by TandemJeremy, on Flickr

    Tandem leaving Fealar Lodge by paul.newman4279, on Flickr

    Premier Icon mattbee

    ’93 Klein Fervor.

    Because I had one back in the late 90s on loan from a friend and loved it. Never seen another Fervor in this colour, onle ever seen a few anyway. When this one came up for sale I had to have it, mainly period kit with a few modern touches. Its now my only bike and replaced a 5″ full sus. I love it, it’s so fast and perfect for South Downs riding which is mostly what I do.

    Cos it’s just lovely to ride and I think it looks beautiful.
    and the Sanderson

    Cosit’s lovely to ride and suits me.


    Trailstar… the first proper mtb I had was a trailstar which I really liked, cracked at the headtube so I bought another which is my only mtb at the minute. Just feels right for general messing around on. It’s a bit short for proper xc rides and a bit twitchy for dh but it’s just a fun bike.


    because it was an ace bike for looning around the enduro 6 course and very comfortable for a light weight hardtail with a silly little saddle on 😆

    Premier Icon JohnClimber

    Because it’s fun, comfy and wierd

    Because it’s awesome


    Mine’s nothing special, but it’s fab none the less. It’s built by me, for me.


    Because it’s my first bouncy bike and my first self build. At the bike shop atm getting fixed though 🙁

    Because no matter how fit I get it will still be more bike than I need.

    Taken from today’s XC race

    Because I’ve had it since new, its been through multiple iterations as my riding has changed and because I can’t honestly fault it in any of its guises. This is its latest.


    My Prince Albert, just had it powder coated in black from purple. Deffo a keeper! Thanks to Mike at Dialled for sorting me out with decals.

    Premier Icon lowey

    IMAG0438 by, on Flickr

    Its old, tatty and rough around the edges, but its the only bike I have riden for the last 6 years. It takes me to places and on adventures I love, It hardly ever lets me down, and if it wasnt for her I’d have gone insane in the last 3 months. Certifiable insane.


    Because it’s perfect for the riding I do; something for me to aspire to be good enough for, great fun and good to look at in my hallway when I’m not riding it. Oh, and it isn’t broken.


    My Cove Handjob – perfect for the riding I do and lots of fun


    Mine is;

    Possibly one of the most pimped reign X’s around?

    Premier Icon islander

    Loch linnhe from Torosay ridge. by Bentalla, on Flickr
    Just like it, does everything I want well.


    Because it’s ace!


    Goes up, down, left, right and the wheels go round and round and round


    Because it’s ace!

    I’ll second that! 😀

    Premier Icon big_scot_nanny

    Coz it’s ton’s fault I bought it, but my goodness I don’t half love it. (said that about every bike i’ve owned however!)

    Because its fast and it flies…

    Premier Icon ton

    post a pic of your bike, any type/niche/style………as long as it is a bike.
    and tell us why you like it……….. 8)

    Premier Icon penguinni

    Takes me to some wonderful places with some nice folk.


    Nothing special, but suits me perfectly: Modded 2008 Spesh Hardrock

    2006 Italian Marzocchi MX Pro TAS ETA 120mm Fork, 2006 Hardrock wheels self-built on XT M760 Hubs: 36H (significantly stronger than 32H: useful for heavier riders like myself), and rims are usefully wider than the OE 2008 Hardrock (29.5mm vs. 26mm). DT Swiss Competition Double Butted spokes used on rear wheel as original spokes wrong length for new XT hub, Deore M510 V-Brakes inc. Levers, XTR spec. 72mm Cartridge Brake Pads with Kool-Stop Dual Compound inserts, XTR Brake Cables, full length rear outer, SRAM PC-870 Chain, LX M570 Rear Mech, STX-RC MC38 Shift Levers, ODI Rogue Lock-On Grips, USE SX Shokpost, WTB Speed V Comp Saddle, DMR V8 Pedals, VDO A8+ Computer, Crud Race Pac Mudguard Set.


    Giant Trance X2 by 555Andi, on Flickr

    Because it’s far better than I’ll ever be.
    Because it’s taken me places I’d never have been without it.
    Because it’s shown me things I’d never have seen.
    Because I think I got a great deal on it.
    Because it’s mine.


    You’ll have to use your imagination here, as most of it is in the post.
    A few decades of MTB’ing have lead me to this. A crosser with Hydro discs, double road front rear is XT MTB gearing. bar end shifters, 42mm cross tyres. The Midge bars are taped! to a wrong size stem.

    I don’t actually own a mountainbike.

    Premier Icon shredder

    Latest allthough off the road at the moment awaiting forks returning

    And my other which is my second Soul


    A Mountaincycle Fury.

    It’s my first full suspension bike.
    Simple single pivot.
    Changed the standard air zochi’ shock for the vanR.
    And coil sektors. Rides like the batmobile (in my head)


    Cos it makes me look better than I am.


    I love it because its mine.

    I had to show it to someone, Hopefully i will get to ride it next week 😀

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    Singular Roughstuffer by rOcKeTdOgUk, on Flickr

    because it’ll go anywhere, fast enough for me on the road, handles bridleways and off road tracks easily, takes me to work, low maintenance and comfy

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