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    we’ve got a yeoman CL3.

    although you pay a bit more for non-twee woodburners.


    Not been installed yet, but just paid the deposit on one of these (Yeoman CL3):


    Or look at the Morsö range


    My parents used to have one of these which I absolutely loved:

    They’ve since moved and had one of these installed which is a bit of a combination of modern and traditional:

    Premier Icon NeilMack

    Morso Squirrel – has a hotplate on the top – good enough for heating up curry during extended power cuts..

    A Contura 550A, very nice at providing additional heating when required.

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    I want to open up the chimney in our kitchen but Mrs K doesn’t want “one of those old fashioned things”

    Whats good, and modern but not art-deco that I can show her? We have a rad in their which is OK but too small for the room in sub-zero temps so this would very much be a winter attraction.

    Pics / advice please?

    Oh, house is Victorian (1906) semi in London.

    We have a Firebelly FB, nice little modern stove that has some nice features. seem to have gone up quite a bit in price since we bought ours though!


    Clearview Vision 500 (there is a also the Pionner 400 which is the same but smaller). Available in either top or rear flue and loads of colours.
    British, steel casing (so won’t open up), very well made, always keeps a clear glass but not cheap. My advice would be to buy off ebay and clean respray yourself as they come out looking new, I have done two of these for our house and one for my sister.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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