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  • Shoulder pain – general fitness or fit?
  • jayx2a

    I have had my bike 18months and it’s been used 3/4 times a week for rides or 30mins to a couple of hours and it’s been great.

    I was inbetween frame sizes but I went for the smaller one as test rides felt better and bike shop agreed that it fitted my leg/arm ratio.

    I fitted my 50mm stem and 760mm bars from the off (came with 60mm and 740s) without even thinking about fit.

    Couple of days ago I went for an extended ride that was more than double of my usual ride and my shoulders and hands are still really feeling it!

    There were a few times when just moving my hands forward just slightly I felt a bit better after 20miles.

    I’m not sure if the shoulder pain is purely a lack of extended riding or that I was just a little bit too cramped over a long ride where as when I’m doing short fun rides it’s never been an issue!

    I don’t really want to go wider bars, as I have clipped a few trees already so is it worth trying another 60 stem? Spacers are all below the stem (3 x 10mm) so would lowering the bars also make much difference?

    Ideal world is a proper bike fit but getting to one is difficult as not aware of any local ones to Eastbourne.

    It’s something I do need to do, but until then I can experiment a little. Maybe a pic might help.

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