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  • Short sleved DH/FR jerseys?
  • Premier Icon shredder

    I have a couple of these
    Which I think meet what you are looking for.


    For short sleeves, I normally either just wear a standard T-shirt, or if there’s a bit of pedalling/sweating, a simple plain breathable t-shirt from decathlon/mountain warehouse etc.


    I wear road shirts

    on a mountain bike

    to annoy everyone


    Premier Icon Northwind

    Fox Soleed is quite good, not as good as the old Poacher mind but still good.


    Lots of this type of thing from Fox, think a lot of companies are now releasing “trail” or “all mountain” short sleeve jersey that are a bit baggier than the skin-tight XC ones.

    Fox All Moutain Jerseys

    Premier Icon Simon

    Last week I got 3 plain breathable Dare2be Boardbreak t- shirts off Ebay for £26 delivered. Sounds like the sort of thing you’re after.


    There are loads about, I have several from fox, sombrio and royal.

    Premier Icon MSP

    Annoys me as well, when your already a xxl, getting something to go over body armour is a pain in the proverbial, and the 3/4 sleeves are just annoying. I have a couple I have just cut the sleeves down on, as I just couldn’t find anything suitable.


    I had the same issue looking last year
    ended up finding some lovely muddy fox DH SS jerseys on sale in Sports Direct bargaintastic

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Really? There’s a website called Chain Reaction that you should check out.

    Use it to search for tops made by Sombrio, Race Face, Fox, Troy Lee Designs etc.

    Is it just me or is there a bit fo a lack of t-shirt style* jerseys? It’s either XC jerseys or long sleved raceing pyjamas.

    Is it some kind of fassion faux pas? just realised the jersey I probably wear the most is an old 90’s DH top with the sleves cut off.

    *but long enough to cover my arse

    Premier Icon JoeG

    Northwind – Member

    Fox Soleed is quite good

    I ordered one of those in my size (according to the size guide) from Evans, was only a tenner or so. Biggest item of clothing I’ve ever seen arrived – I could have bivvied in it for a night.


    I just wear Berghaus tech t’s. I’ve found mtb branded stuff is too baggy/made for fat biffers, even a size small royal jersey swamps me and I’m not even as skinny as some! I found the same with TLD stuff as well.

    Hob Nob

    As others have said, you can’t have been looking too hard 😉

    Raceface do a load, as does TLD with the moto jersey’s.

    Those are what I tend to use, as I end up pushing the sleeves up on the long sleeve PJ tops.


    Sorry to hijack this thread but I have been sending you e-mails about the wheels I paid for but these have not been replied to – can you let me know whats happening?

    Premier Icon Jon Taylor

    For gnarly stuff I want something with sleeves long enough to cover the silly gaps above my elbow pads – so I got a Royal 3/4 sleeve from CRC, which I reckon doesn’t come too close the DH/MX pyjama look.

    just search CRC for sombrio, dakine, royal etc. and have a scroll through the jerseys for something not too garish :mrgreen:

    Buy yes, otherwise just choose a t-shirt.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    never seen any, oh wait just checked my box of ride jerseys there are loads! Apinstars, Fox, TLD, Altura, Sombreo – most other non lycra fest bike clothing places.

    mangoose – Member
    Sorry to hijack this thread but I have been sending you e-mails about the wheels I paid for but these have not been replied to – can you let me know whats happening?

    Your inbox is bouncing my e-mails, some sort of timing error, just comes back with 20 pages of gobbledegook and an error message.
    I meant to post them on Saturday but didn’t get home before the postoffice shut so posting them this morning.

    Rest assured I’ve not fled to Equador to live out the rest of my days very slowly sipping a G&T bought with your £30 :p


    Cheers mate, not sure why hotmail is doing that.

    I’ll look forward to getting them soon. Cheers

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