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  • Shoes for flat pedals that have a bit of grip for “hike a bike”. Do they exist or just buy more 5:10 and slip all over the place in the mud?
    Would be nice if anyone has any experiance of using something from the Shimano range. Current shoes for this are “walking” type and not stiff enough for the riding.


    Guess it is just me who wants this sort of sjhoe then.


    No it’s not – I posted something similar a while back! I ride flatties. I want a winter book, stiff, neoprene outer/lace cover, ankle cuff etc. But there ain’t one. It’s either ‘whoah dude!’ 5 10s with the associated 10kg when wet weight penalty or a pair of approach shoe things. A niche in the market I think.


    I dont ride with flats, but pretty sure I have seen a similar thread touting Merrel as a compromise… I wouldnt know what model though sorry.

    I bought a pair of these…cracking offer from Rock and Run if they’ve got your size:

    Five Ten

    These are still 5:10s admittedly, but designed as an approach shoe rather than a bike specific one. I’ve found them plenty grippy enough for hike a bike, even in mud and wet – I also use them for walking (coast paths, Dartmoor etc) – but great on the bike too. For a weekend away doing a mix of different outdoor stuff, I really only need these.

    Despite being a fan, I’d avoid Merrells for the bike personally – I had a pair of Chameleons. They’re good shoes but the soles have a weird grippy outer layer which get torn to shreds on pedal pins.

    As the summer is coming here I have pulled the trigger on another pair of 5:10. If I can eek out the current walking shoes for a few more weeks till the last of the boggy bits dry up I will get some months to await my ideal shoe being released.
    So in case any manufacturers are looking in think winter boot with sole that us useable on flatties.

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