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  • hexhamstu

    New bike has me confused, the eyelet is a slightly different configuration I’m used to. Top left is the new one I was going to put in, but the one that is in there currently seems to be include the eyelet and the mounting hardware all in one. Where does one buy this from? and why. Or should I just buy some new mounting hardware from TF Tuned etc. and use one of the eyelet bushes I already own?

    (The two black rings picture sit over the sides of the white bush, which sits proud of the shock body, whereas the usual eyelet bushes sit flush to the shock body. The white bit as far as I can see comes out in two symmetrical pieces on each side.)

    Thanks for the help,


    Looks like the new Fox low friction bushes you have in your shock, seem to be better sealed, and suggested that they’re more durable than the older top hats & eyelet system.


    Wow they are expensive! Instead of a couple of quid for a new bush they are £20+!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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