Shimano ST-RS505 hydraulic disc brake

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  • Shimano ST-RS505 hydraulic disc brake
  • cyclistm

    After waiting for the right price, I nearly pressed the button on a shimano 105 groupset with the shimano rs505 hydraulic brakes, for my cx bike. I normally worry about function over form, However, having seen pics of the brake levers, they look like something only a mother could love.

    I’ve not seen any in real life, are they as ugly and uncomfortable as they look in the pics?


    Premier Icon gonetothehills

    They’re not that pretty when viewed from off the bike, for sure, but I’ve got them on two bikes and find them very comfy in use. They’re different to hold than a regular Shimano sti lever but I quite like the ridge that’s made by the hose connector as it provides somewhere to rest your thumb – you get used to it pretty quickly. They feel quite long from front to back too and fairly flat on the back of the hoods.

    The action is very light – been very impressed with how they function and Shimano full hydro road brakes are superb. You get used to the looks – and the price is a lot easier to bear than the Ultegra ones!


    I’m sure they work fine but I could not cope with the looks – I’d get the 785’s.


    Nothing to do with looks, but I’m sure I saw someone claim that bleeding them was easier than on the 785s.


    I bought a Croix de Fer with the 505’s on. the hoods, like gonetothehills point out, are quite long and doesn’t have the commonly known ‘stop’ you can rest you hands against.
    They’d have both reach and free stroke adjustment which are real nice, though I still went ahead and bought some 785 replacements which feel great!
    Worth mentioning I have RS785 calipers which use the commonly available pads
    my 505 are in the drawer in case I make a frankenbike with cowbell bars or sell them


    Sorry, I meant the 685’s! the 785 are Di2

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