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  • Shimano Rev0Shift Front Shifter?
  • walleater

    Anyone happen to know(!) if this ‘friction’ front shifter is meant to ‘click’ at all?! In all the years I’ve wrenched I’ve not come across this particular shifter, or if I have it’s not exactly given me any lasting memories. We’ve got a customer who is Adam Ant that we’ve broken the shifter on his carppy Reebok bike but when I twist the shifter it changes gear so I don’t see his problem. It just doesn’t click.


    Pretty sure there’s a click on them, probably not worth arguing over when you look at the trade cost to replace it. Think yourself lucky that it wasn’t a road STI unit that decided to die whilst in your care, that was an expensive one to swallow.


    Just checked on slack jr’s bike. It clicks.

    Replace away! 🙂


    Yep should click a little with each small movement ,
    As above they are very cheap just replace it


    Tank you peeps! The minor problem is that our store does not have traditional ordering channels but one way or another we’ll figure it out. Hopefully a neighbourhood store has one.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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