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  • Shimano M8000 Pedal issues
  • Thrustyjust
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    Decided that the continual ticking noises on my bike were the M520 spd’s after many attempts to adjust and regrease up, threw caution to the wind and bought some new M8000 replacements. They did seem stiff to turn on the first few rides and after 60 odd miles things were seemingly good. Seemed more loose to latch in and float than the old 520’s I had. So, a ride at the weekend of 40 or so pleasant miles. After checking the bike, found the drive side axle was almost completely unscrewed from the pedal and non drive side was loose. So, 17mm spanner later, nipped them up. I found the driveside has quite a bit of what would normally be bearing play. So, removed the axle ( well versed on doing this with other spd’s I have) and found that the bearings were smooth and no play on the bearing ‘barrel’. So, refitted and nipped back up. What I have noticed is that both pedal bodies have float on the axles and can move in and out about 2 to 3mm. This ‘feels’ like the whole bearing axle is moving , even though the pedal is correctly assembled. Both pedals are showing the same trait and not something I have ever had before. The both also show wobble as if the bearing barrel isnt tight to the inside of the pedal body.
    Yes, I can send them back to the UK cycle shop , to which I bought them, but has anyone else suffered the same with these pedals ?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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