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  • Shimano AM7 shoes – any good?
  • ossify

    I like the look of these but the reviews on CRC so far are not exactly very encouraging. Does anyone use these and have any more input?

    They don’t really seem worth it if the grip is not all that good.
    Not expecting them to be as grippy as 5:10’s for example but still…


    old ones are better IMO. I thought the grip might soften as I wore them, but no.

    Premier Icon andybrad

    not ridden any yet. awaiting a pair from crc.

    initial obs seems they are quite light and flexible compared to my vxi’s whish im replacing.

    cant comment on stickiness but doubt anything is like 5:10

    Premier Icon Rubber_Buccaneer

    I’m not keen, the sole isn’t very grippy. They looked ideal with their mud deflecting flap n’ all but I regret choosing them

    I think they get a two star review in this months MBUK and I agree with their review


    Nah I’m not over the moon with mine either, OK but not great

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