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  • Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Well some CB stuff doesn’t last…
    But the average Shimano BB lasts under a year from the threads in here
    Is the chain worn/stretched? If so you should have changed it earlier, every change you will swap it and nothing will shift. What has she done to the rear mech?
    Headset? New Bearings was it rough?
    Forks – what are they not been touched in a year then they probably should have a lowers service before they become scrap.

    For parts that work pop a hope BB & Headset in good for a few/5 years.

    For that list though £225 is a good price

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    If that’s a fork service as in proper fork service, & headset & BB as in new components, plus the gear cables plus a new rear mech then it’s about on track I’d say. Sounds a lot though.


    I knew the bb and headset were shot, cables too , the mech was bent was a shock but £225 POUNDS for a service hurts casette and chain wow- its a year old and costing this ?

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Are you getting the parts replaced for that?
    SLX Mech RRP £60
    Deore BB RRP £13
    Cheap HS £20
    Cassette from £25??

    Parts will take most of that out.

    1 year use along with milage is not a mountain bike measure it’s for roadies who ride on clean dry roads.
    What has she done with the bike? UK based? I’m guessing lots of muddy rides which eat poorly sealed bearings and wear stuff out quicker.
    When did you last check the chain length? In bad Uk conditions I was replacing every 3 months to avoid extra cassette wear – chain is disposable item cassette & rings are worth saving.
    Lowers service seems to come in around £30-50 depending on where and how far you take it? What fork? Fox should be done every 30hrs and the oil & seals don’t come for free neither does the labour.
    Bent mech – well thats just bad luck.

    Cables & outers are one of those things, if your changing drive train worth doing to make sure you get that crisp new shifting you just paid for.

    As a guess to do all of that would take 3hrs or more depending on what state the bike was in to start with so that needs paying for too.


    Took the wife’s bike for a service today – £225 pounds – new cassette/chain , new rear mech , headset bb and fork service ,new pawls on the freewheel ,new gear cables and outers. choice is scrap it, its 1 year old or bite the bullet and get parts that work ? the bike is dripping with crank brothers and every thing that failed has not been upgraded yet – its a big number but it all needs doing- the wife will go mad ? i am a rough rider by the way – i smash it – or not ????


    Scrap it..I’ll pop around and pick it up this afternoon.

    Or do it yourself, there’s nothing on the list you can’t learn how to do from the Internet or probably could achieve with a bit of common sense/help from mates etc. if not then as above £200 quid is reasonable for some parts and a few hours of anyone’s time who can do something you can’t.

    Premier Icon tmb467

    What Ian says…although I imagine you don’t actually NEED the cassette and chain replacing unless something has happened when the mech got bent

    Some tools and a little bit of mechanic skills will get your forks serviced, gear cables and BB / headset replaced

    New mech is just ‘one of those things’ and you can probly find one in the classifieds here

    Otherwise, let the bike shop help…it’s what they do well but wait til cables and mech are replaced before deciding on whether you need a new cassette and chain

    Premier Icon bruneep

    So what was your expected bill?

    Remember the bike shop have bills to pay as well, I doubt they are a registered charity.

    Big thing with this I think, would be that a little at a time, you wouldn’t notice one big bill. I doubt everything failed at once.
    A few tools and a bit of time and most of this could have been done at home, possibly getting one more chain’s worth of cassette for example.
    If time isn’t on your side, or you have nowhere to work on it, then maybe the lbs is the place to go and the bullet to be bitten. Pricewise, if this includes parts, as said earlier, doesn’t sound ott.
    If it’s all tip – top now, just try and keep an eye on things becoming rough.
    Admittedly, if it’s not your own bike you wont notice stuff starting to fail gradually.

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