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  • sebo felix or x1?
  • god I never thought that this would be a question that I would ask.

    nerding out over vacuum cleaners, so which one?

    Sebo brand I like but would anyone here have experience of either the x1 or felix please?


    I’ve got an X1, does the job pretty well but my wife found it very heavy so it fell out of favour. Currently on eBay 😉

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    henry. 3 million cleaners can’t be wrong….

    henry is too big for our meagre cupboard.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    I never really understood the industrial popularity of the Henry. Are they near-indestructible or something? Only, the one I used was about as effective as a drinking straw.


    We have an x1, I can highly recommend it.

    I don’t get the Henry thing either, used one and it was a bit rubbish.

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    Henry is pretty tough and great for cleaning up after DIY work or vacuuming out the car but bottom of the list for household cleaning in my opinion.

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    We have a Felix. Very good. Better (IME,sample size of one of each brand etc) than the Dyson (DC07?) we had.

    Felix is bagged, which adds to stuff you’re chucking in the landfill, but is is very good at being non-smelly.

    My understanding of Henrys is that they’re popular because they’re indestructible, rather than being any good at their main task….

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    it depends on what you want to use it for – got carpets ? both have proper revolving powered brush that will clean carpets.
    Felix is more complex – X1 is traditional design.
    Henry is simply not designed to clean carpets.

    More Carpet than not, but with a stone floor in the kitchen


    Got a felix pet and all i know is it’s powerful. Other half says that the attachments (floor polishing brush?)are awesome. But too good to suck up DIY rubble and crap so I have kept the old Panasonic for that.


    I know it’s not on your list, but we have a K1 and it’s good. If the cupboard space is limited I think a K1 will take less space than an X1 or a Felix. Noting that RichPenny says the X1 was heavy, the weight of the K1 sits on the floor but you can use the long handle just like an upright.

    Thank you for the advice do far. We have plumped for a felix Blue, and sad to say i am quite looking forward to now doing to vacuuming.

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