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  • Schwalbe Performance rubber – is it that bad?
  • Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Bought a pair of Nobby Nic folders from recently.
    ‘Performance’ series, very good value.

    Very happy with them in the dry, grippy and predictable.
    Nice and light too.

    Tried them after rain earlier this week, after reading some comments on here about how bad the Performance compound is.
    They seemed ok – no issues on steep, rocky climbs and never had a nervous moment from the front.
    Not pushed the front hard on rocky stuff in the wet so far.

    So, what’s the score with this compound?
    Anyone know what the duro figures are for the dual ply Performance NN’s?
    Is it just people who normally run very tacky rubber getting caught out, or is this a well known issue?

    Got a couple of other tyres I could stick on the front, but I’m quite happy with the NN’s so far.

    Premier Icon roverpig

    I think it all depends how rad, gnarr (or whatever the correct term is) you are. Plenty of folk on here have slammed the performance compound and I’m sure that they do find it is not up to the job. Personally, I can just about feel a difference in grip between Performance line NN and the Evo Pacestar compound, but it doesn’t make a huge difference for the sort of mincing I do. I’m currently running Evo Pacestar on the front and performance line on the rear, which seems to be working OK.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    just wait til you get found out skillzwise and see how quickly you turn on the rubber compound


    Are you running tubes or tubeless?

    My friend used to run them Tubeless but found the side walls are too weak. Apart from that he said there was not that much difference.

    Premier Icon Clobber

    I’ve had my bike completely disappear sidewards from underneath me leaving me stood up on some slippery sections with performance compound. I personally will never buy them for any wet duties.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    TBF I don’t think it’s much worse than the Evo- doesn’t wear as absurdly fast, at least, and neither version is very grippy anyway.

    Premier Icon BillOddie

    I think they use different “performance” compounds depending on the tyre.

    Fingernail test on a Performance Hans Dampf suggests it’s very soft (and it feels bloody draggy too!)

    my fat alberts wer not great – rear was pace star – or plastic!


    I have a 2.2 performance NN on the front, and on fast berms when really getting a lean on with the bike I can start to feel the front loosing grip.

    Other than that, they’re fine. Would love to find a equally priced replacement that doesn’t have that issue with the grip on fast corners tho. Sadly such a tyre doesn’t exist as far as I know without spending £40!


    People make up reasons to explain their inadequacy’s.

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