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  • Santa Cruz Uk warranty -What are they like?
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    Where are you? they’re just down the road from me, but I’ve no direct experience.


    Personally I reckon you should be asking what is the warranty like on your torque wrench.

    Pretty good in my experience

    Oh….just realised you posted earlier about bodging a bearing press – fingers crossed everything works out OK for you.

    I’d maybe speak to them first, before taking a drill to the link. I’ve dealt with Jonty at SC who seems pretty helpful.

    Premier Icon Stu_N

    Very good for me; main pivot went wobbly in my Nickel – they sent me new bits out same day I spoke to them to fix it as needed it sorted in a hurry.

    I just had to send them old bits and anything unused back, whihc I did a few days later.

    Top service.


    Yes my earlier post was about the lower link (that I still have to sort out) would have happily bought the bearing press but no UK stock. Worst case with that is I have to buy a new lower link.
    Worst case with my new problem is I bugger the frame!!
    I have emailed SC and hope they can help.
    the torque wrench is new but as you point out SC may well tell me to whistle.
    Kinda why I was asking the STW massive what they are like really. But thanks for your input.


    Only good things from me ref SC UK warranty, first hand experience of bearing and frame replacement, they will obviously inspect it first to ensure its not a case of user error !


    Just snapped the bolt that holds the wedge into the collet on the upper link on my 2012 Blur LTc.
    Have no idea what to do now.
    I used a torque wrench set to the recommended torque for the bolt.
    My choices are limited all I think I can do is to drill it out and risk buggering the frame and or the upper link.
    I’ve emailed Santa Cruz UK and US just to see what they say.
    Anybody know what the frame warranty is like? Any chance this will be covered? Will they be helpful?Any experiences?

    Premier Icon catfishsalesco

    Santa cruz UK have been very helpful to be before, 2 bolts had walked out of my ageing blur classic, emailed them about buying 2 new ones (as I didn’t need a whole pro pack) and they were sent free of charge next day..


    No probs with SC Warranty UK or US.

    Premier Icon neil853

    Santacruz have been excellent for me. Replaced bits under warranty without question. Where are you based? I deal with stif as they’re next door to sc uk


    I’m based in Devon so it’s a long way for me!

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