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  • Salsa Spearfish BB options?
  • khani

    The adapters just fit in the bb and then bb cups are used as normal, the GXP bb should do the same as the converter just turns the bb30 into a standard size bb shell..


    khani, thats jus the pf30 to threaded adaptor, there are many other types out there.

    Onegear, either try the on khani mentions, which allows you to run your normal threaded gxp bb or maybe look at one of these kcnc which mention 24mm axles (thats what gxp is i think?)

    After some advice from those more in the know than me.

    I have a Salsa Spearfish that needs a pressfit BB but I want to run a Sram XO GXP chainset.

    I know there are adaptors to covert PF30 to run Shimano hollowtech II, but struggling to find GXP options.

    Any advice gratefully received.



    GXP’ outboard bb chainsets are a stepped axle, the non driveside end of the axle is slightly smaller than the driveside end,
    Those KCNC ones up there ^^^ might do the job but I’d check with the seller first, also they look like the bb’s integrated with the converter so your not able to upgrade the bb without another different type of converter.

    Cheers for the advice, I did look at the KCNC BB but unsure of compatibility.

    I have a Sram PF bb ready to go in the frame so was looking at these convertors

    Anyone have experience of this option??



    I’ve got SRAM pf30 to BSA converters in my enduro
    Works very well with hope bb and SRAM gxp cranks


    I used one of these in mine with XTR cranks



    onegeargollom: that’s exactly what I’ve used for mine Stylo GXP! Works a treat!

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