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    Any owners of the Salsa Alloy Bend bar 2 here, preferably the 23Deg version? Just looking for some feedback on them before I dip my toe in as I’ve a few niggles that I want to ease. Currently using some 750mm wide flat bars on my medium Cotic Solaris:

    1. I find my hands get sore and uncomfortable after a while. I’ve got some Ergon GP1 grips which made a big difference but not enough.
    2. I usually end up having to keep my elbows ‘really’ tucked in when climbing steep inclines.
    3. My current flat bar width of 750mm does impact on certain local routes and trails. Some trees gaps are now taken at a snails pace as there’s not enough ‘comfortable’ clearance!

    The Salsas also seem to tick these three boxes but may introduce another potential issue in that they have a small rise of 5Deg which might upset things a little.

    I previously used some Titec J bars before getting my Solaris last year and whilst I ‘generally’ liked them the sweep on the bars was a little too pronounced for my liking. I’m hoping that the 23Deg angle on the Salsas will ‘feel’ better.

    Surly do a flat ‘bend’ bar but I can’t get my head round the 53Deg angle and they are very similar if not identical to the Titec J bar I used in the past.

    All thoughts and shared experiences welcome.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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