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  • uponthedowns

    Dog owner here so I know what you’re feeling. They do get under your skin don’t they. Main thing is its sounds like she enjoyed life.


    Ah, sorry to hear it mate. They become part of the family. At least there are lots of owners here that will give you sympathy. Chin up and soon, you’ll just remember the fun times. You’re probably just thinking of her suffering at the moment, but that will wear off.

    Premier Icon clareymorris

    Know exactly how you feel. We lost our 13 year old boxer in January to a heart attack. Still devastated, can’t really believe he has gone but the thought of the fab life he had keeps us smiling when we think of him 🙂


    The “pup” a couple of months ago. She was put to sleep last night had had heart problems and was really begining to struggle with everything. Sad really 13 y.o. and still trying to chase rabbits.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Been there too with my old Border Terrier started taking fits and in the end option was to put him on meds for the remainder of his days or let him go. He wasn’t the same dog though when I took him to the vets refused to walk looked even older than he was so the decision was made.

    Now my 12 year old Lab has lumps that are just getting bigger all over her but at the minute she’s very lively and doesn’t seem to be in pain not sure if I’ll get another year out of her though.

    You get attached to them so much it’s unbelievable.


    Had Mr B put down a few years ago. Heartbreaking. I feel your pain. Like the pic though, looked like my kind of mutt 8)


    Just sad really. She ran around and was happy until the end, although she did sleep a lot and she was coughing due to an enlarged heart pushing on her windpipe. HR was down to 40bpm, as opposed to 90ish. To be fair tho at the end she just lloved dozing in the sun, if dogs could knit she’d have been sitting on the chair knitting in her lap. Sounds silly but it’s true. Anyway she lived well didn’t annoy people or animals, apart from the odd rabbit, and wagged her tail everyday (yes, nay sayers probably just in a pavolovian response to someone who provided food and warmth).


    Sounds like she had a very contented life and you had her for a good length of time (although it never feels long enough).

    Just remember the good times & keep your chin up, i dread the day this happens to me but i know it might not be long now 😥


    Woof woof! Sad to hear dude..


    Bad luck fella…

    When you and your family are ready, get yourself down to the Dogs Trust. There are plenty of old pups there that require the care and love that you gave to your little ‘un…


    Humans are so good at the symbiotic thing. The old hunting team of dog, horse, hawk and human is something to be proud of (for a change). We’ve got to be careful we don’t forget how it’s done. It’s a great thing to have an agreement with a member of another species.

    Premier Icon ton

    last time i cried was when i took my 12 yr old labbie to be put to sleep.
    felt like a right bastard for days after.
    chin up mate……

    got a 18 month old labbie bitch now, and she is awesome.

    Premier Icon PePPeR

    I’m sorry to hear that too, I lost my old border terrier in November, she was always a grumbly miserable old thing, but boy do I miss her!

    Luckily a 9month old springer spaniel needed rehoming and as a consequence he’ brightened our lived back up again.

    Meg will always be missed, she was my families first dog.


    Sorry to hear that. As for

    yes, nay sayers probably just in a pavolovian response to someone who provided food and warmth

    rubbish. It’s love, pure and simple, and no-one’s going to convince me otherwise.


    That’s rough mate.. we lost our 3 yr old boxer at christmas due to a tumour. Actually thought my heart was going to be ripped out when we made the decision to lose him.. still get choked about it now, but remember the good times, just think that where ever she is, she’s chasing rabbits and giving em hell

    and as for other dogs, don’t ever try to replace her, just get another one that you can give a great life too

    chin up mate 🙂


    Unlucky. I’ve lost a few dogs down through the years and it’s never easy.

    I’d be lost without my two…

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