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  • Blackflag

    Following a few spin outs on some recent climbs (probably due to some poor technique on my part) im thinking of the old trick of turning a HR the other way round.

    Who’s already done this before and was the reduced breaking or additional drag really noticeable?


    accidentally did this on my front wheel and after the ballache of getting the damn tyre on pumped up sealed and tubeless there’s no way im swapping it round


    ha ha I was thinking more of the rear wheel 🙂


    I’ve tried it to see if I could tell.

    Depends a bit on the surface your riding on.

    For me, off road it failed to stop as well as it used to and it rolled slower.

    If you look at the tread pattern its pretty obvious.

    Try changing the pressures, but don’t run it backwards

    simon side

    It will drag lots more,and when you are braking it won`t grip as much either…noticeably…Yes I did try it once, on a boring afternoon…. 🙂


    My son fitted a pair backwards when High Rollers first came out. After a couple of rides he was ready to bin them because they were so dragged. Then he spotted his mistake…

    Premier Icon tomaso

    Mate does it to eek more lift out of them when they get really low…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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