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  • RP23 boost valve shock query
  • sailor74

    so i have a 2010 fox boost valve shock RP23 fitted to a blood.

    my question is that i can feel a bit of a kick about 3mm in to the stroke of the shock, it isnt particularly noticable when riding although i can feel it a bit when the propedal is on. whatever it is is an obvious bit of resistance when standing next to the bike pushing down on the suspension and as i mentioned is about 3mm into the shock stroke. it goes away if i take the air out of the shock and cycle the suspension.

    i spoke to mojo who reckon its nothing to worry about but just wondered if anyone else experiences the same thing either on a blood or other bike with a similar shock.

    could it be the 'boost valve' kicking in? never had this before but then never had a boost valve shock.

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