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  • Roof seal – House to Shed with asbestos roof?
  • Having some down time over Christmas has left me pondering possibly projects for 2014. My thoughts have turned to doing some work on our house. Thought I’d run something past you all and gather some thoughts/ideas!

    At the moment we have a small building/shed on the side of our house, that is linked to our house by roof (which I believe to be asbestos). This is really handy as it gives us a bit more space and is used as a cross between a utility room and my man cave. This is sealed either end with a door. Now the roof isn’t sealed to the house, so when the rain is falling in a certain direction water runs down the wall and in to the shed. I’d quite like to seal between the roof and house to help stop this from happening. Question is, how?

    If the roof is asbestos then I guess it can’t be drilled in to. I was thinking of having some flashing between the two but not sure how it would seal on to the roof.

    Anyone have any thoughts?

    I guess the best thing to do would be to have the roof removed and replaced with something more modern and then the join could be done as part of this. The roof does run on to next doors ‘shed’ and the lady next door rents her house, so I guess if I was to do this then I’d have to absorb the whole cost. Plus I’m not sure that I could afford this option.

    Here’s a pic from Google maps to help better explain:


    You don’t seal onto the asbestos. Lead is best option, tucked into mortar joint.
    Flash band is cheap bodge solution, which will be stuck to both surfaces

    ubiflex may be a better choice as the tatters would soon have the lead away,


    +1 lead flashing. Be careful on the asbestos roof as brittle. Keep the roof moist whilst working on it. & before working in the shed spray the underside of roof with a pva/ water mix to bind the fibres ). Better still get rid of the asbestos.

    either lead flashing running at least 100mm down the roof and 100mm or nearest mortar joint above that up the wall. bedded into the joint 25mm, and sealed over with lesd sealant, finnished with a coat of pattination oil to prevent streaking. Or ubiflex ( lead substitute) to the same measurements.
    use a couple of lengths of 150+ x 50 on the roof to spread your weight, and use as a walk way.

    And don’t use lead in lengths over 1.5m


    Best to find out what grade of Asbestos it is first
    But I would go for the Lead flashing and make sure you do a mortar joint.

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