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  • Goldigger

    Has anybody got the 2013 Sid RCT3?
    wondering if the solo air is a step backwards over the dual air on the 2012 model.

    I’m looking to replace the Fox F100RL’s on my anthem.
    only issue I’m having is the 2013 seem to only do a maxle version with a tapered steerer!

    Can i run 120mm travel on my Anthem, or am i best keeping it at 100mm with a 20mm spacer fitted?


    My Revelation forks are Solo Air but below is some correspondence I’ve had with SRAM – the first part deals specifically with the non Solo Air type.

    For the air spring set up please refer to the link below. Scroll through to the bottom where you will find a guide for the Dual Position Air system.

    As for the damping settings, I always say start in the middle for the rebound. This way you can make it faster or slower depending on what sort of terrain you riding and how you prefer the fork to respond. Turning the rebound adjuster (red one at the bottom) clockwise will make it slower to return, anti-clockwise will make it faster.

    The compression damper on your fork is adjustable in 2 ways. The blue knob can be set in 3 positions: fully open (mainly for fast descents, technical and bumpy stuff), threshold (mid-compression) and locked (max. efficiency, long climbs).

    There is also a adjustment of low speed compression that will affect how your fork responds to small (rolling) objects (slow movement of the fork). High speed it factory pre-set.

    The fork you own has a solo air spring which means you would only pump it up through the valve at the top of L/H stanchion. The bolt on the other side of the lower leg should not be unscrewed as this keeps the air shaft fastened to the lower leg.

    The low speed adjustment is done by the silver adjuster on top of the blue lockout knob.

    I’ve gone with setting my forks up with everything pretty much in the middle and will go from there to see what works best.




    I fitted my new SID RCT3 120mm it normal for new forks to not have there full amount of travel? currently there showing 100mm available, if I put a foot on the wheel and pull the bars up, that last 20mm gets sucked down.
    Setup with:
    + chamber 130psi
    – chamber 140psi

    Premier Icon bigjim

    that is because you have more pressure in the -ve chamber, it will suck the fork down. return to equal pressure in each and without any weight on the bike it should be at full travel. I think it is things like this that led to RS dropping dual air for the simplicity of solo.


    no it’s not true
    even with higher pos pressure there is a 0.5-2mm unused travel when you pull the bars up
    98 pos
    105 neg


    Gold digger: how is your rct3 sid working out? You figure out how to set it up without getting so much sag? What do you think about the solo air vs dual air now? I just ordered an rct3 and started getting buyers remorse after I read your post. I have been riding a Reba 100 29er and it also has too much sag at low pressures (eg 80/60).


    Update: I’ve installed a 2013 sid rct3 on my new 2012 salsa spearfish 1 29er and done about 5 rides with it. I love this fork! On the downhill setting the bike rides like a BMW 7 series! The solo is a big improvement over the dual air . Definitely worth the extra $$ overa 2012 dual air model. Also, the tapered steer tube and 15mm thru axle definitely improve smoothness of steering and steering precision. Highly recommend this setup!


    Dutch, sorry for the late reply..
    I just let some pressure out of the negative I get full travel.
    I was going to reduce the travel to 100mm with a spacer, as the forks are on my anthem.

    I love these forks, so much better than the Fox rl’s I had..


    Which manual do I refer to for servicing? I can’t find a specific service manual for SID RCT3 dual air 2012..


    Thanks slackalice..
    Didn’t realise the 2013 manual covers dual air models too..

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