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  • jemima

    My feet got mightily cold and wet at the weekend on the road bike.
    There is such a baffling array of overshoes available. Anybody got any favourites they can recommend? Ta.

    BBB Heavy Duty. Not 100% waterproof but your feet will be so warm you won’t mind if they’re wet!

    I have these craft ones:


    Been really good, also fit over my mtb shoes as they don’t have a bottom.

    I’ve tried:

    – Endura Dexter – good for cooler days, look nice, but not waterproof at all.

    – Endura MT500 – like the BBB’s above, warm, but not completely waterproof. Well made and tough.

    – GripGrab Hammerhead – reviews said excellent, feet still get wet. No better than MT500 for waterproofing and have fallen apart within a month. Avoid.

    Still searching for something better.


    I have had Endura MT500. As above but as usual for Endura the zip is pants and they skimp on the velcro.

    Shimano Pro – very similar to the above but the zips started to undo from the bottom up. The fabric is smoother than the Enduro and shreds easily.

    Both pairs had a tendency for the ‘nose’ to flip up and sit on top of the shoe.

    Have a brand new pair of Northwave waiting to be used.

    I read somewhere that it is possibly a good idea to layer your overshoes. First of all, put a thin pair on first, then put the heavy duty outer layer on top. Haven’t tried it but the theory appears sound.


    Thanks y’all. I was worried about the durability of some of them…

    Premier Icon monkeyp

    BBB Waterflex are good. Had mine for years. Completely waterproof. Just wish they did them in a flouro colour rather than black.


    I recommend the Planet X Flanders Autumn bundle. Not only overshoes but also three pairs of very comfy socks, toasty gloves and a silly yellow hat. Use it as a trial and later buy expensive overshoes with the bits you did and without the bits you didn’t, like. They do say Planet X in very big reflective lettering though.


    I use toe covers and endura neoprene overshoes over the top


    If your mt500s nose is flipping up your doing it very very wrong and definantly need to stop walking on them.

    Although mines are four years old and a bit buggered.

    Looking at northwave h20 next

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