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    Some kind of vulcanising glue maybe?

    Temporary repair with AE Black card?


    I always carry a square of plactic damp proof course as a temporary fix, but found a piece in a mates tyre that i’d repaired hell of a long time before.


    Carefully stitch together with dental floss – it works well as it’s very strong, multi-strand and normally a flat/ribbon shape so doesn’t cut through the rubber when pulled tight.
    When stitched fill the tear with vulcanising rubber glue (the stuff from a puncture repair kit)
    Then patch on the inside with a thick rubber patch. You can buy sheets to cut to size.
    Finally a layer of gaffer tape over the patch.

    After three rides I have managed to put a rip in a nobby nic tyre.

    About 25mm, straight through,

    Any advice on what to use to stitch it back up again? Repairs?


    Very useful info, thanks. I have also put a rip into a brand new NN. Or a flint did…

    Will this stitch repair hold up with tubeless? I’ve glued a patch on both sides and now running a tube but would prefer torun tubeless.

    Thanks in advance

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    I’fixed a tyre this week by glueing a some innertube over the rip. If it was bigger id say try stiching as above. Mine has even gon up tubeless again.


    I did the dental floss/superglue/tube patch it worked but only for another 5 rides or so and then it started to bulge at the stitches. I ended up binning it, as I didn’t want to end up faffing with it in the middle of no where.


    Stitch it back together with a synthetic thread. Something like fishing line, dental floss etc. This will probably be enough if you run tubes. Good needlecraft helps, mine went the first time but then the second time I was much more thorough and careful and it has held for 10 months since then.

    If you are tubeless you’ll need a big patch to glue on the inside as well. Weldtite do A6 sheets of patch material. Or some repair kits contain big patches.


    I had this recently with a Black Chilli RQ – most annoying. I patched it with a large tube patch, covered with a strip of stretchy latex that I’ve been using for exercising my new shoulder as part of my physio, glued on top with some vulcanising solution. On top of that I applied a strip of Gaffer Tape, so it’s a belt and braces fix.

    I’m running it tubeless…gulp…

    BTW – I have a friend who works in the -ahem- adult fashion industry and she’s given me a few tips on bonding latex. Remember to think of the direction of stretch, think of the forces being applied to the tyre as it stretches and flexes. Glued latex needs a lot of contact area to ensure the integrity of the join. Apparently Bostick do a specialist rubber cement that can be bought in industrial quantities that’s good for this, but otherwise ordinary vulcanising cement will do.


    Hey PJM, is your – ahem – ‘friend’ able to suggest where to get said latex from? Is it the same latex that you’re using for your – ahem – new shoulder?


    We need a sticky set of threads about fixes like this..

    I’ve recently suffered a 1cm gash in a new rear Spech FastTrak (2hr ride only) and I’m off to try some of the tips suggested here.

    Cheers chaps.

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