riding in taunton/yeovil ish area.

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  • riding in taunton/yeovil ish area.
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    quantocks is ~7miles north-west of taunton.


    nice one. heard good things about triscombe downhill? worth a go? only got a xc bike but I can handle myself.


    hi. going to a wedding in kingsbury episcopi at the weekend and wondered if there is any riding in the local area. around taunton/ Yeovil type area. never been anywhere near there before.

    any help is great



    Spoilt for choice springs to mind!

    Quantocks are very close by, fairly easy to navigate along the main ridgeline then many great drops down the valleys (combes) on either side (Smiths, Frog, Somerton, Weacombe, Bin, Hodder etc).

    Otherwise Exmoor, Blackdowns and Mendips all within 30-40 mins drive.

    Someone remind me why I moved away…?!!


    KE is on the edge of the Somerset Levels; there’s a little riding on Ham Hill (County park) a few miles to the South, but otherwise Quantocks/Blackdown hills or to Cheddar Gorge.
    If you were here tonight, there’s usually a Thursday night ride from Rock & Road in Yeovil.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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