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  • Ooh, I’d love to do the ones in the Greenwich Foot Tunnel. Big spiral staircase. A full-susser might be preferable, to preserve the spine, and of course you’d have to ensure no-one was coming up the other way…

    I’m going to try and do that, and film the bastard.


    They are a bit slippy slidy though and steep and tight, and yes, like you say, have someone at the bottom to check no-one is coming, you can see bugger all from the top.

    I think we may have waited till the lift was going up from the bottom to run it*, cos then you don’t get noticed. We didn’t get any hassle for doing it anyway.


    *When I say ‘we’ I took the sensible option of taking photos for this one. I’m a big fan of not being dead.


    Devs, I reckon the giant’s steps will ‘go’ one day. They’re an ambition of mine.


    brant – Member

    the ones in Nutt Clough are my favorites.

    you were mentioned at the bottom of Nut Clough the other night

    Ooooh the fame! 😉


    Can I watch Jo? I’ll get the air ambulance on standby. I’d do them on skis but I think I can safely say they will always be beyond me on a bike.


    where exactly is mmmbop? i saw it in the singletrack calendar but can’t figure out where it is. can’t be far from me…


    will you lot leave my Clough out of this please?

    is nothing sacred?!?


    I’m not having that. Doing it on a unicycle. I reckon he’s holding on to the rail. You’d have to grab it, to slow down, anyway. No way could you clear that without slowing, you’d kill yourself.

    No, not having that.

    Premier Icon phiiiiil

    Looking at the angle I think he’s hopping down step by step rather than rolling down them.

    That said, I’ve seen people do rolling hops at speed onto similar staircases so I wouldn’t be in the least surprised if someone could ride it. Like Joe, I prefer my limbs intact, but there are loads of 16 year olds throwing themselves off stupid things on unicycles; a mere set of stairs would be nothing.

    Marin County, Cali

    Me in 1977


    [i]Orwell was a f#$king optimist.[/i][/


    where exactly is mmmbop?

    Near t’top of Jack Bridge climb, dropping off right to the packhorse bridge.

    Premier Icon Ed-O

    In an mmm bop they’re gone. In an mmm bop
    they’re not there.
    In an mmm bop they’re gone. in an mmm bop
    they’re not there.
    Until you lose your hair. But you don’t care….

Viewing 12 posts - 46 through 57 (of 57 total)

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