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  • Ridgeback MX14 for kids – any good?
  • evening all,
    as the title says – any of you folk have this bike for their child? any good? other thoughts?
    just that we’re on the scout for a bike for our daughter and have seen one of these on ebay.


    Excellent bike, really well made. My eldest is riding it at 4 straight from his Rothan, did wonder if I should miss 14 and go straight to 16 but it is important to get a bike that fits them now or it could put them off.

    Would definitely recommend.


    I have a little used MX16 (in bright blue) I’m about to put up for sale.

    Our youngest is now too big for it and unlike his older brother is rather lazy and prefers to be on a pull along so it’s hardly been used.

    I’m on the look out for an MX20 for him as I certainly rate the quality.


    Can’t speak for the Ridgeback but personally wouldn’t look anywhere other than Islabikes for kids. Light & very well made with attention to the important things. I have two daughters, both of whom have grown up on a succession of them. Usually a good few on ebay too.

    thanks for the thoughts – have heard a lot of good things about the isla bikes, but too expensive for us I’m afraid, so looking for alternatives. can’t believe they’re the only decent kids bikes.


    2 nephews have got Ridgeback mx bike. Not sure if 14 or 16 but they seem really well put together. A little heavy, but I haven’t picked up any other kids bikes as a comparison.

    Brakes are nicely adjustable for small hands. Smallest nephew was riding his & using brakes properly from about 4 1/2 yrs old.


    Very good, my son has just grown out of his MX14 and my daughter had the Melody which is the 16″ wheeled pink version. We’ve also had a couple of Isla bikes and in the sub 20″ wheeled bracket I’d say that Ridgeback shouldn’t be overlooked.

    They have alloy frames and wheels, decent v brakes etc, they might seem heavy but are a lot lighter than much of the competition and when you look at them there isn’t a fat lot you could change to make them lighter.

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    The thing to remember about the cost of the islabikes is that although you have a greater outlay in the first place the resale is very good. We have had several and when resold 2 years later have lost less than £100 on the bikes which is then reinvested in the next one.
    Just remember to put the biggest front tyre on at low pressure and then you have your suspension. Your children will love them

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    neninja – there’s an MX20 on ebay at the moment for £77 with 3 hours to go.

    I was watching it, but have picked up a bargian Kona Shred 20 🙂


    Anything about like an MX 20 but with no gears or suspension for a tallish 5 YO. I guess a teeny BMX might be best.


    They’re great bikes but you’ll find that the MX14 is very small and won’t last you long.

    I have a blue MX16 and pink Melody (girls 16″ version) for sale if you’re interested? My two have just moved on up to the MX20 and Harmony.

    Great feedback, thanks folks.

    mike_p – I’d be interested in the Melody, but I’m down in Devon, so a tricky one to pick up!



    neninja – there’s an MX20 on ebay at the moment for £77 with 3 hours to go.

    I was watching it, but have picked up a bargian Kona Shred 20

    On my watch list thanks. There is a local Giant XTC 20 that I’m also watching.

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    My lad went from a Rothan to an MX14. He’s about to grow out of it though, but he is a quite large 5 year old.

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    My son got on very well with his MX14, rode it loads and his wee sister is just getting started on it.

    They both began on a spesh hotwalk and the transition to the bigger & heavier frame took a little bit of time, but once the adjustment had been made they were flying.

    My son happily did the Laggan green route and parts of the Nevis Range Blue route on it so they are capable bikes.

    thanks fellas! looks like it should do the job, cheers.

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