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    Morning all.
    I’ve recently moved to Peckett Well, Hebden Bridge.

    I was confident that there would be plenty of riding around there, due to the landscape. Seeing gaggles of decent bikes around every weekend I’m pretty sure I’m not mistaken.

    Could any of you offer any advice on routes around the area?


    Do a search on here… Loads of options! Or go and see the guys in Blazing Saddles. They’ll point you in the right direction. I’m going to be starting riding every Sunday morning from hebden centre as well if you fancy it? Just a couple of hours before lunch…

    Google for the route of the Calderdale MTB Marathon. It goes right through Peckett Well, out over Midgely Moor and beyond for around 26 miles. You’ll obviously finish up back home again as Pecketts is midway around the loop. I’m sure there’s plenty of other great riding round there, but it’ll be a good start and allow you to ‘get your bearings’ in a new area.

    Premier Icon Simon

    DBW I’ll be up for some of that in the new year.

    Premier Icon darrenspink

    If you get strava installed you should see plenty of segments and therefore rides. Also Mary townley loop is close..


    We’ll do it Simon. I’ve potentially going to have as many Sunday mornings free there was possible as the wife takes the kids for coffee and cake for an hour or two. So can do a quick ride, start a bigger ride and finish afternoon sometime or even just ride home to mine along the tops.

    I’ll message you on facebook when I’ve got something planned 😉

    Premier Icon tubthumped

    Thanks for the replies!
    I’m going to get the roadie out in the next day or two and will nip into BS and have a chat. I’ll also look through the routes posted and familiarize myself with them and try and get out on the MTB and explore a bit.

    If your riding Sundays in the new year I’d love to catch up and tag along if you don’t mind. Will need to get my legs back up to speed a bit first though. Not managed to touch the bike for a couple of months with house moves and job changes! Poor excuse really, but something had to give! lol


    Fill yer boots


    You’ve moved to the right place!

    Hebden is many different things to different people when it comes to MTB.
    Some prefer the moor-top singletrack and others the valley side tech-fests. Plenty for both.
    The map is your best starting point. Just about every footpath around Hebden is worth an explore.

    9 posts in for a picture of OL21 to be posted. Someone must be slacking…


    I echo all of the above re MTB routes.
    For road, try riding over to Oxenhope then back to Hebden via Laneshaw Bridge, Trawden and Widdop Moor.
    The Long Causeway – between Blackshaw Head and Burnley – and Heights Road, straight from Pecket Well towards Midgley, are also recommended.
    There are plenty of traffic free lanes between Mytholmroyd and Ripponden too, if you’re short of time/energy.



    Theres loads of routes – OL21 (waterproof version), get that and get plotting some route – http://www.nationaltrail.co.uk/pennine-bridleway/leaflets

    Take a look at the Mary Towneley Loop and try and create some segments to include it.


    9 posts in for a picture of OL21 to be posted. Someone must be slacking…


    Day before NYE Dave, surely you must be just hitting F5 on the forum every few seconds and not have actual work to do??? 😉


    I’m from tod loads of riding to do round here. I get out for a decent ride every other weekend so if you fancy a ride give us a shout todmorden109athotmaildotcodotuk.

    Look south from your house. See that big monument sticking up on top of a distant hill? That’s Stoodley Pike. There’s a choice of routes up to it and down again. For starters, head up Horseholt Lane starting behind the Co Op in Hebden and keep going up until there is no more up. You can’t go wrong. Enjoy. And welcome to the neighbourhood. You’ll never leave. Mu ah ah ah!

    Oh and give me a shout if you want me to show you a few gnarly bits in and around Hardcastle Crags, Heptonstall etc. And did you know the Tour De France will be going past your house in July? john dot mediasuite at g mail dot com

    Premier Icon mcnultycop

    Pecket Well A and B (as I was told they were called) were two nice trails I tried in Hebden along with The Blue Pig. I need to get back up there again and find some more.


    Also… couple of names of places which are good to link up routes are :-

    Gorple res
    Stodley Pike
    Hardcastle Craggs
    Widop res
    Blackstone edge
    Blackshaw head

    Also look on OL21 for the Calder Aire Link trail which runs very close to you and is a lot of fun. Also Crag Quarry and Lee Quarry (not in Hebden but 30 min drive)

    Premier Icon tubthumped

    Thanks all for the replies once again. I’ll be sure to get in touch and hook up for a ride out. I’ll also pop down to BS and grab a map and pick their brains too.


    Don’t forget Ed Oxley is near you @greatrock


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    Thanks mods. 🙂

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