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  • 125 drop needs 190mm from top of frame to saddle rails so you will need more than 5″ sticking out- check where you are measuring to and see.

    Overall length determined by how much left to go in the frame.

    I currently have a 400mm seat post, does this mean I would be best of getting the 420mm reverb? I’d like the 5″ travel version if this effects anything.

    I tend to run 5-6″ of post of of the frame, whats the deal if something happens to the hydraulic remote hose? For example, if I was to crash and put a hole in it, can I stick the post up enough in the frame to get peddling height from it, or does the seat automatically return to full height?

    Awesome, thanks gravity-slave. I’ll set it to my ideal peddling height and see how much I have between the frame and rails.

    How does the post react to a broken remote or hose? Do they stay in the current position? Go down? Go up?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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