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  • holyhutzpa

    This pair of revelations have been problematic since I’ve got them (second hand)

    So I took off the lowers and the 5wt oil seems to be leaking out… (It’s blue, I put it in recently) The 5wt oil is supposed to live in the upper regions of the fork, in the moco unit. So I’m hoping it’s the seals between upper and lower regions of the fork.

    I’ve just ordered the service kit… but I feer it won’t be the end of my problems with this fork…

    Has anyone had a similar problem with revs? I hope I don’t have to replace the moco unit (funnily enough, I never use this, as it’s remote, and I don’t have the remote…)


    Sounds like the seal/s in the seal head, (white plastic ‘puck’ that the rebound shafte runs through) have gone, replacement seals should sort this, any further issues after the service mail me 🙂


    It’s a common problem with tora/recon/reba/revelation forks , I do hope you didn’t pay full whack for the seal kit as you can buy what you need for both sides @ £8.00 on ebay. I replaced the ones on my reba’s last week with these and they feel lovely again.


    aye dart em off to loco its easier 🙂

    Premier Icon Mike_T

    5wt oil sound a bit a thin, I recently did a lower leg servie with 15wt oil, i know it’s not critcial but you’ll have to do a lowers service more often.
    Soaked the foam seals in fox fluid and light lubed the upper seals with standec.

    If it’s leaking from the leg bolts at the bottom, i’d replace the crush washers and bolts,

    or just get them sorted by Flukes.


    Thanks a million guys. I am kicking myself that I didn’t just send it to LoCo, but postage from here is 30eur, before getting anything serviced!
    I am a bit more relieved at least…

    I think if I *do* manage to get this fork back in PWO I might even treat it to a powdercoat 🙂


    @Mike the 5wt(which was blue) is definitely supposed to be in the upper of the right leg, and 15wt(which was yellow) in the lower, but the greeny blue mix of 5wt and 15wt that came out of the leg had me a bit worried…

    I should have realised when there wasn’t much oil in the moco when I tried this service recently.

    At least they’re an old set of forks and not worth much…

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    Had exactly this issue. £8 ebay kit is spot on, now they’re as good as gold. The RS vids on youtube are really easy to follow too.

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