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  • Revelation dual airs – what travel do you get?
  • t_i_m

    Was just about to post the same!
    Just got a some 150mm dual air revs and am getting around the same travel as you.

    Premier Icon akira

    150mm versions and I get that reasonably regularly, can’t remember pressure but I’ve got them set up pretty plush. Try experimenting a bit with pressures and see what happens.


    My I’m 85 kg and my current setup is 105 pos, 95 neg. The lower neg pressure causes the fork to sit up in its travel a bit more but without affecting the rest of the stroke too much (something like adding preload on a coil shock).

    Must say that it does seem to be a little harder on these new shape revs to get them set up than the older shape ones (2009 ish).

    With equal pos/neg pressures set such that I can use all the travel occasionally I keep needing to add more and more compression damping to keep them under control during hard braking and berms etc to the extent that they become a bit harsh.

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    I get all 150 from mine in big whoops and landings, 120 regularaly on flowy singletrack, 12.2 stone and 100 pos / 110 neg.

    A trick for you to try:

    a) The floating piston can get stuck/confused. So, remove all air from both chambers. Pump up the POSITIVE first to your desired amount. Then pump the NEG to something very slightly higher +5/10psi. Do this order every time you set them as filling the positive first sets the internal floating piston.


    Slight hijack, but every so often my revelation u turns suck “in” a bit.

    When I initially set them up, they’ll sit at say 150, and after a number of rides (say 10-15) I notice that they sit at about 140, but I can pull the cross brace down to get the full 150, but after the next compression they’re back to reading 140.

    When I empty both air chambers, and start again, they behave correctly for a while.

    Any ideas?

    Premier Icon charliemort

    Have mine set at 140mm with about 130 psi pos and neg – I’m about 15 1/2 stone. Sag is okay – Si at Loco tuning checked it. But even tonking down the gap road as fast as I dared I only get 110mm travel

    is this normal?

    They compress fully (ie 140mm travel) with no air in so nothing physically stopping them



    I’m 11 1/2 stone and run mine normally at around 95psi top and bottom. Not got full travel in UK yet, but only been running them for about 1month.
    I went to a downhill bikepark in Spain a couple of weeks ago and each run I would have bottomed them out – that was after upping to 135psi!
    Set to 140mm

    Maybe just not hitting big enough drops?

    I have same issues as dan1980. If you release the pressure in the -ve, the crown pops up to the 150mm travel, and oil blows out of the valve. I can only guess that there is some air (and oil) movement from the +ve to -ve chambers during use.

    I have changed the seal between the twe chambers with no change in behaviour.

    I now accept that I have got a 140mm fork, and live with it.


    try running a little more (say +5 to +10psi) in the negative chamber. Will give a little more loaded sag and sit in the travel a little more, also helps with small bump sensitivity and might get you closer to full travel.

    I’ve had this issue with just about every fork i’ve owned. Just got a new RS Sektor 140mm and only getting around 120mm out of them.


    mine are set to run at 120mm (don’t ask… didn’t have the option of Rebas at the time! lol) and i get pretty much the full 120mm travel… i absolutely love them… great pieces of kit!


    2011 Rev dual air, 90PSI pos and neg and get full travel when ridden in anger. I run them with a lot less pressure than is recomended for my weight. 10-15PSI less.


    im 11.5 stone and run my 2010 revs race(150mm) at 100psi pos & neg and get about 120-130mm travel on most stuff and only get full travel (up to the crown) on big drops and stuff. must be a feature of them!


    let all the air out of both chambers. you will see that the fork sits at around the 120mm point. you can compress it all the way but it will return to around this point. im guessing this is the point where some form of bottom out protection kicks in, i remember forks of 15 years ago where you heard them clang as they bottomed out off big drops and i think id prefer it this way!!

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