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  • "Retro" or old 90s mountain bike sales
  • Premier Icon santacoops

    Can anyone give me some more resources other than Retrobike and the usual ebay stuff?

    Premier Icon tomaso

    Have you got access to one of these?


    I have an old rock hopper with a u brake in my shed, circa 1989ish. Intend to restore it one day.



    Try the proflex forum. Yetifan and fatcogs.

    Easiest places I know too specialize.

    What do you actually want to know? Can’t think there will be many better places then retrobike if you’re looking for restoration advice.

    Just read your post again. Are you looking for other places to buy parts to do it up? If so try Preloved, Gumtree, Bumblebee etc as I’ve had decent retro kit from them all. I’ve also had some reasonable kit out of the local secondhand shops so they’re worth a look if you’re passing.

    Premier Icon ransos

    Bristol Bike Jumble: this Saturday, 12pm, Mud Dock car park. And the first Saturday of every month.

    There’s always loads of retro stuff.

    Premier Icon santacoops

    Thanks for the advice all. I seem to be developing a couple of my old bikes and it seems to be addictive… its growing.

    eskay – you want to sell that rock hopper?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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