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  • aa

    ahhhh, old brochures.
    I still love salsa from 96 when they sent me their brochure from the us and included stickers!

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    Interesting that the Fisher was 3 and a half grand… Can’t imagine why I wrote the price of that down!


    Brilliant. I started riding in ’97 and can remember collecting every brochure possible and studying them for ages…my friends and I bought every magazine possible too and would spend every lunchtime going through them in detail. Great fun.

    One of my friends had a Cannondale Super V like that. I had one of the later ones and loved it (despite the dodgy build…Judy XL’s, MRP copy, FSA sidewinder cranks )

    97? Noob!;-)

    Check out retrobike for so much more…..

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    Having a clear-out before moving house and found some old brochures from when I was deciding which mountain bike to purchase.
    Ended up with an RM Instinct from these beauties

    Santa Cruz Tazmon (no year on brochure – 1999?)

    Fisher ProCaliber 1995 carbon!

    ’95 Cannondale Super V

    ’99 RM Instinct

    (Black & silver.. my brother still has it)

    Nice 🙂


    I have the 1992 Breezer brochure aa I own a 92 Lightning Pro 🙂

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    OP – I’m sure that Retrobike would love to have your scans posted over there.


    You can find the RetroBike archive here:

    Some great stuff. In there

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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