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  • Reporting a driver to the police – best channel?
  • glupton1976

    1 9 for a rig check?

    Phone whatever their non-emergency number is – the station nearest to where it happened.


    Call 101 – the non emergency number. It will work anywhere in England.


    101 is I believe the national non emergency no it puts you through to your local force switchboard who can then put you on to the right dept.


    Got run off the road today whilst on a club ride. My other clubmates are witnesses and I think we have a registration number. The car had to stop a few yards up the road as it was a narrow country lane with traffic coming the other way, and one of my mates had a word. They refused to accept they’d done anything wrong.

    I’m not hurt but that’s mainly because I was lucky enough there was space for me to ride into – I think it was a parking bay or something like that… but I’m going to report them to the police in the hope they at least are on the wrong end of an uncomfortable conversation…

    It was in Kent but I’m not sure of the best way to contact the police – it’s not a 999 situation and I don’t know whether to speak to my local station (South East London) or Kent.

    Anyone got experience of best channel to go through?

    Good luck. Suspect you’ll get nowhere with this. Kent drivers are complete Kents.


    Ask for a Section59. Although club mates might not count as independent witnesses on this?


    A woman drove up from behind me, nudged my back wheel with her car and had the cheek to shriek at me to be more careful and drove off without checking if she’d damaged my bike. I got her registration number and as the local police station was round the corner I nipped in and reported her. I didn’t make a big deal of it but the police said they’d have a word with her.


    cameras are so cheap nowadays get one and film the antics of the idiots.

    Without video or injury the police will just say your word against his/hers.

    Premier Icon riddoch

    If you are in Sussex they have an online reporting system, operation crackdown.


    A guy drove his car straight at me with the intention to hit me, then stopped further up the road and threatened me physically.

    I got his reg, phoned 101 and they said they’d put him on record, but no word. This is Lancashire police.

    If he’d have threatened me with a knife I could have called 999 and there would have been a response unit there in minutes. What a crock of crap the current system is. Geared to support bullies and thugs in lethal weapons.

    The sooner we get the laws changed to support the vulnerable road users, the sooner we can stop this type of behaviour.


    on the regular occasions when i see stupid driving i email either Glos Pol or West Mercia, or more often both!
    (my commute is in both forces areas and the drivers i see are doing a similar commute)

    I had an officer ring me on friday to say that they had had a word with one driver, who had the right car but claimed he was in Cornwall at the time? and had done nothing wrong in his overtake….

    Premier Icon MrGreedy

    Definitely worth pursuing, although be prepared for a long wait. I was clipped by a wing mirror on a training ride with friends last May, who saw the reg plate. We reported it and all gave witness statements, then eventually the driver was charged and we got a court date this March. The week before she was due before the beak, the driver admitted the charge and got 3 points and a fine. So yeah, be patient!

    plus one

    Best to go into your local station to make a statement.. I did the driver got a visit and a talking too.. I was kept informed by the police it was a minor incident but I won’t let any driver off with shoddy driving..

    My thought is if they get away with it they may do some damage to next cyclist they encounter 🙁

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