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    Daughter has broken the screen on her Galaxy S3 Mini. I’ve got a free insurance with my bank account but the excess is £75!!! Thanks for nothing RBS.

    The phone is fully functional so I am assuming it’s just the glass screen rather than the touch screen bit. I can pick one up of fleabay for not much cash, question is how easy are they to fit?

    I’ve done a few Samsungs and older Apples over the years (but not an s3 mini!). Generally its a pita.

    Anyway I discovered Timpsons -the key cutting folk (I think they’re uk wide?) do most screens for £40 ish. And guarantee the fix. That’s a bargain to me, but our local lass is a genius – I think its a franchise so ymmv!

    #Edit- just looking at their website and its not at all clear that they fix phones. But they do:honest!


    S3 mini is a full display swap unless you’re happy heating the front upto 160’c to melt the glue without melting the lcd. Snot easy. The whole display swap is relatively ok. Just make sure you’re removing the ribbon and backing and not just the ribbon from the sim reader and vibrate motor. If you get stuck and need advice or want me to do it give me a shout.


    I changed the glass on my sons S3, didn’t find it hard at all.
    Just used a hair dryer to soften glue and screen just prised off.
    I googled it and followed an online guide.
    As Del Boy would say “who dares, wins!”

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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