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  • Replacing bearings??
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    He is the man to sort you


    Grade 10 or 20 bearings are what you need.


    For my hope pro 2 front I just bought a set of 6 bearings and re packed then myself with grease. That was about a year ago, and still on the first pair.

    The other option is to go for skf or some other branded set which technically should last longer.

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    Just do a forum search and follow that advice.

    Cheers i’ll have a look, i’ve heard people just buy them from a bearing supply shop as bike shops tend to add a premium, i wasn’t sure if they are the same product rebranded for bikes or if they wouldn’t last as they were intended for something else….if that makes sense.

    Is the repacking the bearings easy enough to do? i never even thought about that tbh.
    Might give it a go, any specific tools or tips for doing this?


    Ceramic bearings are waste of money according to a few pro mechanics I spoke to.
    as tony07 said SKF or INA,NSK,FAG,Enduro all quality bearings (provided they are not fake), or just get a cheapo set and pack them well with thick grease.

    Hi guys am going to replace my front hub bearings (20mm bolt) done a few searches and prices seem to vary from really cheap to is that for one?.
    Are ceramic worth it or do the cheaper one’s do the job good enough?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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