Replacing a cupboard with a dishwasher – how difficult ?

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  • Replacing a cupboard with a dishwasher – how difficult ?
  • cranberry

    I’m thinking of fitting a dishwasher into an existing kitchen, putting it in the place of a cupboard. I’ll probably get a man in, but how long is it likely to take to remove the cupboard/connect to the water/waste/power etc, given that all services are nearby, but the kitchen hasn’t got the connectors already in place ?


    I’d do it yourself – the old unit should come out with a bit of fiddling. Unscrew the mounting brackets/cut the panel underneath.

    Then you just need to get one of those hole cutting drill bit things to get through neighbouring cabinets for the water feed/waste/cable.

    I am really slow & reckon it would take me 1/2 day tops. Someone good could do it in 2 hours. Keep the old cabinet in case you sell/move.

    The only downside retrofitting is that you can’t hide the cable easily, ie, behind existing cabinets.

    Hope it helps


    Thanks, that’s very useful – it means I can start asking for quotes knowing what sort of time it should take.

    There’s no back on the existing cupboards*, and there’s power back there, so that shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

    * it might well be that the cowboys that fitted the kitchen/floor/bathroom before I bought the place did me _one_ favour 🙂

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    Recently did this myself. Took about half a day including the plumbing for waste and water feed.


    With standard units, very easy. Our kitchen had double units, so I got a narrow dishwasher and cut out one side of a double unit to fit, a bit trickier but no big deal.


    A zanussi worktop washer will fit directly into an ikea cabinet. And under a sink if there is no ubend directly under it.

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