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    O6 carbon Stumpy with no doubt a similar age Triad (a recon from the factory about 3 yrs ago). Shock decided to spew oil on yesterday’s Swinley revisit so am thinking about replacing rather than just repairing/servicing.

    I think it’s 190 x 45 but not entirely sure.

    Any technical issues with replacing?



    I did a similar swap on a 2005 model…

    Just be aware that if you don’t get a 190×45 (ie, if you get a 190×50) you will almost certainly have tyre vs seat tube issues. I ran a 200×50 and it was fine with slightly longer forks (albeit, BB height was a little high).

    Best to get one the same length, is what I’m saying!

    Hmm, can’t get a matching RP23 which means getting Mojo to customise either an RP23 @ £150 or a new CTD Adjust @ £40. Not sure I can justify the cost 🙁


    Almost certainly better value to get a full service on your triad…

    Unlikely you’d notice the difference from a Triad service to RP23

    Exactement. Min £150 for the RP23 plus £150 tweaking or a mere £370 plus £40 tweaking for the CTD. If I was a riding god hitting the trails every day then I’d do it, but seeing as I’m just yet average knobber I think not.


    Not sure the year is correct for the sj carbon earliest according to fox spec sheet is 07, and shock a 7.625″ X 1.750″ ( 193.7 X 44.45mm) originally with a brain shock.
    So a standard 200 X 50mm will work but would give more travel at the expence on a higher bb and sharper head angle.
    Altrenativly you could use a 190mm X 50 and have a travel reducer fitted which would result in slightly less travel and lower bb and slacker head angle.

    Yes, it is indeed an 07- I thought it was an 06 but then called Spesh to get exact size for the shock.

    Have thought about a longer shock but not keen on sharpening up front, although 7mm shouldn’t really do anything drastic. Probably invalidate the frame warranty though. Wouldn’t the extra stroke risk bottoming out the back end in a bad way?

    Adding a spacer just requires a vice so the can can be removed once he air is emptied?

    Food for thought though. Ta


    No a 200 X 50 gives an extra 6.3mm eye to eye length and an extra 5.55mm travel so should cause any issues, although may make the geo a bit more twitchy.
    A travel spacer would really need a re gas and re oil to fit a proper spacer on to the shaft, (for a 190 X 50 shock, if you want to slacken the geo) you could fit a home made clip on one not disimiar to a volume spacer but I’d prefer one that fits permanently onto the main shock shaft as there is no risk with it coming adrift and damgeing internals.

    I fitted a 2012 200 x 51mm RP23 from crc to my 2006 stumpy.It’s a lot better than the stock triad it replaced. Just needed to do a slight dremel work to the weld on the rear shock linkage due to the change in angle with the longer shock. There are no travel issues of rear linkage hitting the frame with the shock at full compression.
    With a pace 130mm fork and rubber queen 2.4 on the front, I’ve not noticed any geometry change problems.
    Pic of shock on bike

    CRC have a 200 x 51 RP23 here which was on my shortlist (your linky no worky). That then means £162 plus Mojo’s £150 (service and tweak) OR hoping the geo remains happy enough when paired with 120mm Zocchis OR maybe having to do a bit of dremeling like you. Speaking of which, did you have to take a bit off for clearance? And you did the linkage not the frame? I can’t touch the latter as its carbon. Ta

    EDIT: I thought these SJs couldn’t run more than 120mm up front? Either way, maybe your extra 10mm is compensating for the additional length and stroke at the back? More likely me talking skcollobs.

    Hello, The 2006 stumpys had Fox talas rl 90-130mm forks fitted as standard.
    I didn’t have to touch the frame, just a slight amount off the weld on the linkage.
    When i was deciding what to do, i read through this
    Quite a long thread but a fair bit of info, hope it helps your decision.

    Hmm, a good thread that. Nice one. I still think I’ll need an RP23 fettled in some way, maybe with just a spacer … especially with only 120mm up front. And with a prospective house move I can’t really justify spending upwards of £300 instead of <£100. Weekend thinky time.

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    Loco did my shock with bits off the triad bike is much better since.
    Annoyingly tied into a bike only shock but never mind.


    I bought one of those cheap 190×50 Hi-Volume RP23s that CRC were knocking out recently and sent it off to LoCo and for £30 he revalved it and fit a spacer to reduce the travel, so all in it cost be about £195 for a shock set up for my bike and its suspension type and weight. His special £30 is only for a new shock.

    £200 I could probably justify. Loco, if you’re back reading this, do you reckon you could fettle one of these two RP23s ( to match my original spec? The bigger one is now £35 cheaper so it would be handy if you don’t need the small one to start with. Cheers

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